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How We Welcome International Students to New Zealand – Video Blog

Will Tregidga
Will Tregidga
Will works in the International Division of the University of Otago, recruiting from North America and Europe. He’s an Otago alumnus who studied Geology, Geography, Environmental Science & now studies International Studies.

Welcome to my first blog!

I work at the University of Otago as Co-ordinator of International Marketing and Recruitment (North America and Europe).  One of my roles is to recruit some of Otago’s bloggers for i-studentglobal.

One of our new bloggers this semester is Courtney Windju from the USA

Courtney is here for a semester through a study abroad programme called GlobaLinks, which not only allows her to study for a semester at Otago like a local student but also provides a five-day orientation in the North Island prior to flying down to begin the semester at Otago.  This orientation took place at the end of June, and I had the opportunity to join the orientation for the first couple of days this year.  I made a small video following the students as they arrived in New Zealand for the first time, spent a day in Auckland, and then travelled south to visit a Maori Marae in Rotorua where they learnt various indigenous arts and crafts there.  See Courtney at 3:35 in the video below talking about making poi.

Most of my role here at Otago is to build and maintain our partnerships throughout North America and Europe.  This means I travel overseas for a total of 4 months a year!  Through this blog I hope to give you a bit of an insight into what I do in my role here at Otago, especially when I am overseas racing from hotel to university to airport… it is a crazy lifestyle, but I love it!