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Tasting Ireland

Kelsi Hattaway
Kelsi Hattaway
I'm Kelsi and I'm from Redondo Beach, California. For the past five years I've been studying and working in Ireland. I graduated from Maynooth University last October with a BA International in Anthropology and Spanish and I am now at Maynooth getting my MA in Anthropology.

As my time in Ireland is coming to an end, I can’t help but think about the things that I will miss the most. Other than the sappy answers like my friends and the beautiful landscape, I know exactly what I’m going to miss the most: the food.

Before coming to Ireland oh so long ago, I thought good European food was limited to the French and Italians. But to my surprise, I discovered that Irish cuisine consisted of more than just corned beef and cabbage (which I’ve actually never seen an Irish person eat).

The best Irish food

So, here is a list of not only my favourite Irish foods but also foods that everyone who studies abroad in Ireland must try.

  • Crisp sandwich:

Has got to be Tayto crisps on white, buttered bread. It’s kind of random but it’s quick and delicious.

  • Curry cheese chips

Absolute perfection! I don’t know how it was the Irish that perfected curry sauce, but they did and I could honestly eat this all day every day.

  • Chicken Fillet Roll

A breaded chicken fillet with cheese on a baguette (plus whatever condiments you want). That and a can of coke is the ultimate hangover cure. And for the vegetarians, a potato wedge roll is a suitable substitution.

  • Full Irish Breakfast

Sausage, rashers (kind of like bacon), eggs, black and white pudding, beans and toast. Truly the breakfast of champions.

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Full Irish Breakfast

And the one to avoid


I don’t know why or who or how this came into creation but this boiled (or fried) lump of condensed potato hurts my soul. Unfortunately, I think I’m alone in my loathing so try it for yourself. But don’t say I didn’t warn you!

While these might not be considered fine dining, they are almost worth putting up with the bad Mexican food. I doubt you will find some of those in any travel book, but I promise you will not be disappointed.