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“Study in the U.S. – To Go or Not to Go?”

Your diligence and hard work have paid off. You’ve gone through the selection process and made your decision to study in the U.S. You have your papers, your packing list, your adventure in front of you, and you are ready to go. Or are you? Perhaps the realization is beginning to sink in that you w… read more

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“My study abroad story”

In this post, I would like to talk about my personal experience from going abroad as well as some of its pros and cons. One day I woke up and decided to go to study abroad. I got accepted at Glasgow University and became the president of the USA and lived happily ever after. The End. Well, her… read more

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“Hello from Shairil”

Hiya to the happiest World! I am Shairil Bhardwaj from Delhi, India and I am studying abroad at University of Pecs, in Hungary, pursuing my Master Degree. I never knew that dreams do come true but indeed they do. After finishing my high school, I wanted so much to travel abroad but at the same… read more


“Best universities in the world ranked by subjects 2018”

See the latest QS University Rankings published in 2018 to help you decide which university you'll want to apply to next in 2019. Institutions judged on various factors such as research impact, academic and employer reputation. Best worldwide universities to study Sports Science Loughborough Uni… read more


“Adjusting to university life”

What can you expect once you are on the other side of the crisis stage of culture shock? You no longer have serious thoughts of leaving or transferring although you may have the occasional day when you wonder if you really have made the right decision to be here. Your ‘good’ days now outnumber t… read more


“Inspiring talks to watch if you're studying languages”

Languages shape the way we think and how we interact with one another. International students know this better than anyone. Once they leave their home country to study abroad, the first thing they'll come across is all the language differences. Even if coming from an English-speaking, the nuanc… read more


“Why Leaving Home Can be Difficult”

A Chinese student attending boarding school explained how excited she was about coming to the U.S. She did an internet exploration of the community she would be living in and couldn’t wait to leave. But she said, “As soon as I received the acceptance letter, it all became so real. I had a comple… read more


“How High School Students can Volunteer Abroad”

High school is a time to explore and discover yourself. Most teens would travel and look for ways to fulfill their curiosity. Volunteering abroad is a great way to do that. While helping others, students can also explore the country’s culture and meet new people. Most high school students would… read more


“Are Law Grads Headed Toward a Dead-End Profession?”

It’s been a couple years since the recession, but lawyers and the legal profession is still suffering from the label of being a “dead end” career – why is that? Law school is expensive and student loans aren’t getting any cheaper, either, so if someone is choosing to adventure into the law… read more


“Culture Shock: Surviving the Chaos”

There is a very predictable pattern in the lives of all first-year and transfer students domestic or international. When you first hit your new campus, everything is so new, exciting, charming, and fun. There are orientation activities, mixers, parties, events, and activities meant to get students o… read more

7 Time Management Tips for Students

“7 Time Management Tips for Students”

Effective time management is about having the right balance between your homework, and university life. Organizing your days will take off the stress and make sure you’re productive. Most people neglect to take some time to plan your priorities. This will help you stay on track and be organized d… read more


“American Campuses: Let's Talk About Safety”

Most American campuses aren't nearly as frightening as the news might make them out to be. And here's why. Massive Improvements On a basic level, it's important to remember that most American campuses are significantly safer now than they have been in the past. While the news certainly reports o… read more


“Where to next: top 5 student-friendly cities in the world”

You’ve chosen the degree you want to pursue. You have a pretty good idea of what job title you want to nail after graduation. You have already purchased a strong 50-pound luggage to transport your belongings to your new home country. All that’s left now is to pick the city you want to study next… read more

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“Being a doctor in Germany: Why not?”

Hello, world! I’m Divya Amelia, 22 years old, a third-year medical student at Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany. I come originally from Indonesia, to be exact Jakarta and my passion is to be a full-time doctor, a part-time world traveler and make… read more


“500+ Free Audiobooks For Teachers and Students”

Are you fond of reading books but just can’t make time to actually sit down and read one because of your hectic schedule? Listening to audiobooks can definitely change your life. Finishing a book is made easier by listening to audiobooks while driving your way to work… read more


“4 tips for making college more affordable”

If there is anything that everyone knows about college, it is that it's very expensive. College costs are not affordable for the average American family, and many people rely heavily on scholarships, grants, and loans to be able to afford their education. Colleges expect both parents and students t… read more


“Myths and Realities of the First Uni Year”

Enrolling into university is an exciting period for every teenager. It’s an opportunity to discover your passions, become an independent individual and meet new and interesting people. However, a great number of freshmen become stunned as soon as their first year begins. They’ve been misguide… read more


“Transitioning from homeschool to college: what to expect”

No matter your high school experience, there is no getting around the fact that college is a different ball game. The truth is that every high schooler faces a significant transition when they move on to college. Most homeschools provide the same education as k-12 schools, but there are other ele… read more


“How To Be A Better Learner: Checklist”

International students already face challenges in the form of homesickness and culture shock. So, it can be difficult for them to develop the study habits they need to succeed in college. Becoming a better learner means adopting good habits, such as keeping to a schedule for studying each day. Th… read more


“3 Reasons to Spend a Gap Year Studying Abroad”

Quite a lot of students think about taking a year off, but not everybody knows what to do with that absolute freedom for a year. When it comes to wrapping up your high school experience, a gap year might be a great thing to do. It has even become somewhat of a standard in various countries around th… read more


“Cultural adaptation: essential for global citizens”

Ruth Mojeed wasn’t planning to move to Canada. Her sights were set on the United Kingdom or France when she applied to universities for her master’s degree in 2015. But as she did her research, she was drawn to the country through her eventual alma mater. “Royal Roads was one of the few sch… read more

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“5 Things You Should Know About Your IELTS Results”

ELTS prep is ultimately all about exam results; getting that qualifying score is always the end goal. So, let’s look at five very important things you should know about your IELTS results. 1. With IELTS Listening and IELTS Reading, What You See is What You Get When you practise IELTS Listening… read more


“SAT Math vs. ACT Math: A Side-by-Side Comparison”

Whether math is a strength for you or a weakness, knowing about how math shows up on the SAT and the ACT is vital. The vast majority of colleges accept both exams—and give them the same weight in admissions. That means that, all other things being equal (i.e. you can make both some of the ACT… read more


“Job shadowing: a taste of hotel life for students”

In a sparkling clean hotel room in Colwood, Canada, Yuri Muniz makes a bed with precision. “You have to work quickly,” the Bachelor of Arts in International Hotel Management student says. “But I have a method!” Muniz is one of 14 international students studying at Royal Roads Universit… read more

Do American Colleges Prefer the SAT or ACT?

“Do American Colleges Prefer the SAT or ACT?”

At this point, almost every single college that accepts the SAT accepts the ACT as well—and vice-versa. Not only do they accept them, but they give them equal weight: a score in the 99th percentile on the ACT will do you just as much good as a score in the 99th percentile on the SAT. I know that … read more

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“Education makes a world of difference”

As a high school student in Iran, Negar Abedi dreamed of going to university in Canada. She didn’t know what she would study, but Canada’s reputation for welcoming newcomers made her think this was the best place to figure it out. “In Iran, women are not regarded as separate entities from the… read more

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“Discover the best UK cities for students”

Choosing the right university is an important step in any student’s academic career. The UK has always been a popular destination for higher education for both local and international students. Fresh Student Living has looked into which cities are best for affordability, employability, educatio… read more


“Renting: a few things to remember”

Moving city, moving country or moving to new accommodation - it’s all exciting, but first there are a few things you have to do to avoid disappointment in the long run. Once you’ve decided which country you want to study in, you have to make yourself familiar with the rules/legal requirements c… read more

Top 6 university ads to watch

“Top 6 university ads to watch”

Of course, you wouldn’t choose your university based on what ads they put live. However, the way a university or college promotes itself says a lot about their personality and lifestyle. That’s why we have here for you a selection of the top uni ads of all time. Just to give you a sneak peek on… read more


“A+ teacher: how to help your students succeed”

Education is one of the most important things society offers children. Providing quality education ultimately helps the entire country. Educated people make better decisions and continue to help the country step towards the future. A big part of what makes education successful is teachers, so making… read more


“5 keys to finding a degree with solid career stability”

Choosing a career path that will provide a livable income, opportunities for advancement and a stable financial future has become a more complex process in a rapidly changing world. Individuals setting out on an academic path must do more soul searching, more research and must arm themselves with a … read more

Prepare for a world-changing career

“Prepare for a world-changing career”

As another school year is set to begin, college students throughout the US are looking into the future. Finding your role in the world's ever-changing landscape is both an exciting and daunting task. While nobody can predict what this year, or the next for that matter, may bring us, choosing the rig… read more

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“Getting the most out of one month of SAT prep”

Can you prep for the SAT in one month? Absolutely. A lot of students do; most will take between one and six months to prepare. If you're aiming for a top score, however, you have a lot to cover in just one month! So hold onto your hats, because here's everything you need to know about your whirlwind… read more


“How to Approach the ACT (part II)”

So we've established in the first part of this article that you have the right mindset. You have the best materials. Now, you need some proven strategies to approach ACT content strategies that actually work to make you more efficient on test day. Because the ACT is standardised, it tests the sam… read more

How to Approach the ACT (part I)

“How to Approach the ACT (part I)”

When you’re starting to prepare for the ACT, it can seem like there are a million “tips and tricks” out there that promise you a perfect score by tomorrow. Too good to be true, right? Right. The ACT is a standardized test, which means that it’s learnable and that you can master it, but there… read more


“How to avoid 3 pervasive health issues”

Just because someone is young doesn’t mean they can’t be stricken with some serious and relatively common health issues. College campuses in particular offer a unique environment for certain health issues to develop. This means educators, students and their parents all need to be knowledgeable … read more

Six security devices every college kid needs

“Six security devices every college kid needs”

College is about education, but it’s also a time for most students to leave home and start transitioning into adult life. This means not only are students worried about finals and homework assignments, they must also concern themselves with personal safety, daily housework and chores, as well as f… read more

Academic letters of recommendation: nail them

“Academic letters of recommendation: nail them”

When you’ve already planned your next 3-4 years of study, you want to make sure that things work out as you wanted. Sure, you can’t foretell the future, but it’s good to know that your dreams are being heard. Although some worldwide universities don’t include an academic recommendation in t… read more