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“I just wanted to tell the i-studentglobal team that I really appreciate the great resources you offer international students.
I just finish reading the first Medicine Supplement and I absolute love the info you covered. It was interesting and right on target. Thanks for your hard work!”
Melissa Connor - Prospective international student, Trinidad 

“While we only have a couple of students travelling to the USA to study each year, quite a few consider the option, and this material really supports the research and planning processes that the students and their families undertake.”
Mark Colsey, Counsellor St Peter’s College, Australia


 "Terrific, fantastic, informative, appealing, attractive, effective and wonderful! I would love to be involved in this publication and contribute in some way from this side of the globe. I wish you the very best of luck and all success with such an excellent publication."
Jack Murphy - Former Director of Guidance and College Counseling, Taipei American School, Taiwan


"With each passing day, students everywhere are using technology with greater frequency and ease.
I-studentgroup is right there with them."
Peter Loy - Director of College Counseling, American School of the Hague, Netherlands


“I went through some of the magazines on offer and was very impressed. The wealth of information on hand will certainly be very useful. Thank you.”
David Korsah-Dick - Guidance Counsellor, Niva International School, Thailand


"What an outstanding resource! I’m truly impressed, this perhaps is the best resource I’ve seen for students to identify schools, outside of going there personally."
Timothy Gartz - American International School, Hong Kong


"The particular strength I find with having i-studentadvisor is for students wanting to attend university in countries for which I don’t have such an extensive set of resources myself (Ireland/ New Zealand). I also really like the visual presentation of the site and the students find that very appealing. It is also great having the easy links with university websites."
Julie Davidson - University Counsellor, United World College of S.E.A, Singapore