Study in the USA - Choosing your Grad School


For students, is there anything of more importance than securing a great career at the end of their academic run? This becomes increasingly important (and stressful!) as students get closer and closer to graduation day. How can I stand out with thousands of my peers competing for the same positions I’m vying for post-graduation?

A solid step in the right direction is considering grad school. Students with a higher education will have the upper hand in landing high-paying and powerful careers with master’s and doctorate degrees. But with so many programs out there, how does one choose a program that’s right for them?

Some things to look for while looking at prospective graduate school choices:

-Financial aid programs
-Alumni success rates
-Networking possibilities
-Social life and activities
-Post-grad career support

In the infographic below, with stats provided by the folks at Graduate Programs, graduating students looking into MBA programs can take a look at top school rankings. What program are you looking into?