How high school coaches help students achieve high grades


While it's a good idea to encourage high school students to enjoy those years, it's also really important to make sure they know they need to take their grades seriously. The grades a high school student receives will directly impact the quality of the school they're able to get into.

Besides, there's no reason why American literacy should lack. There are too many resources. Furthermore, it's also wise to take into consideration that as their coach (school counsellor), you get to have a direct impact on their success or failure. In order to maximise your influence for the greater good, consider the implementation of these four tips.

1. Scheduled study halls


Designate a specific time before practice where the student athletes can sit in a study hall and get work done. This is a great time to find out if some of the students are struggling in certain areas.

Build a tutoring team for the athletes comprised of other students that are well-versed in the subject matter. Compensation can range from monetary payment to community service hours.

2. Mentoring sessions


Mentoring sessions are incredibly inspiring. Take a survey of your students and find out what careers they'd like to learn more about. Based on the answers, bring in professionals in those fields to talk with the students. As they learn more, they'll understand the importance of excelling in school so they can get to where they really dream of going.

Many of your athletes might dream of becoming coaches one day. Bring in a university professor that teaches in the athletic administration department. They'll be able to share how helpful a Master's program, such as the one they may have gotten their athletic administration masters degree from, could be in addition to other steps.