fees & costs


For most international students studying in any country, tuition fees will be the main expense. The majority of overseas students studying in the USA will have to pay international fees.

Tuition fees

Tuition and fees can vary greatly from one university to another as there is no standard fee set by the government. Each institution will state its own tuition fees. You will be able to find all of this information on the institution's admissions page on their website or by contacting their international office.

The average costs of study in 2011 per year, as reported by The College Board, are as follows (all figures in US$):
  • Two-year, public community colleges: $2,963
  • Four-year, public institutions, for out-of-state students: $12,526
  • Four-year, private institutions: $28,500- $40,000
These are just average figures to give an idea of what your tuition fees might be - you should contact your chosen institution for details about their tuition fees.

Application expenses

You will also need to take in to account the costs of applying to US institutions; the average cost is between $35 and $75 per application.

Funding options include:

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