Essential "Adulting" Skills to Teach Your Kids Before They Leave for College


By the time your kids become teenagers, your ability to influence the decisions they make will start to wane. As a parent, you still have a responsibility to fill their heads with as much "common sense" knowledge as possible. Before they get to college, you certainly want to make sure they have the "adulting" skills necessary to avoid unnecessary problems in life.

Everyday Habits

Every day, people encounter ordinary circumstances that require some type of immediate response. The wrong decision could turn out really bad. For example, running red lights or speeding up at yellow lights is a very dangerous practice that you should teach your teenager to avoid.


Ultimately, it comes down to your child having good habits versus wrong. Teach your child to make sure the door is locked when they leave the house. They should never carry more cash on themselves than needed to get through the day. These are all things they should know to keep themselves safe from harm.

Taking Care of Business

It's quite common to see teenagers and young adults get themselves into financial problems. This is one area a parent should really focus on. Here are a few things you can teach your kids to help them stay financially secure.

File your tax returns on time:

  • Avoid credit card debt
  • Get in the habit of paying the rent and utility bills no later than the due date
  • Prepare a monthly budget and stick to it
  • Carry an adequate amount of auto insurance, especially liability coverage

These are the types of skills you want to be hammering into your teenager. Failure to do any of these things could haunt your child for years and years.

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