Wanting to Go Back to School? Why an Online School Might Be Best for You

Many adults want to go back to school, however work or family responsibilities may stop them from signing up for classes at their local university. Cost is another reason why many adults think they may have to give up their college dreams. But nowadays, more and more people are aware that they can get degrees online. Over 62% of colleges and universities in the United States already offer online courses. Read on to learn why it might benefit you to take an online class or even earn an entire degree online.

Stop Commuting

When you take online courses, you will no longer have to worry about getting money for gas, getting your car fixed, and fighting traffic both ways. As long as you have a desktop computer or laptop or even a tablet, you can take online classes wherever you are. You won't even have to wake up at a certain time to go to an 8am class. Online classes start whenever you log into the system.


Don't have time to drive to class for a 6pm literature class three times a week? When you sign up for an online class, the only schedule that you will have to worry about is your own. That's because you can sign-in to the school's system any time you are available. You can even earn a whole degree online by doing all of your work at 3am if you want. As long as the assignments are done by the class deadline, when you complete the assignments doesn't matter.


Lower Tuition

Many online degree programs are less expensive than their campus counterparts. While this isn't always the case, you can save money by getting an online degree from many schools. Whether you earn a literature degree, a certification in computer science, or a master’s in health information management, the lower cost of an online degree is a good reason to choose this learning option over the campus version.

Career Advancement

Many adults take online courses to advance their career in some way. Whether they are earning a certification, finishing their bachelors, or earning their masters in a subject completely different from their bachelor degree, many people find that online learning is the key to promotions, successful career changes, and mid-life education.


Over 6 million adults took at least one online class in 2011. Those numbers should go up in the next few years. As online learning becomes more accepted in our society, more and more people will see the benefits of earning a certification or degree online. From convenience to cost to career advancement, there are many good reasons to go online for a degree. Signing up for one class can be the first step one takes to see if an online degree is right for them.

Article submitted by Lizzy Weakley, a freelance writer based in Colombo, OH.