American Campuses: Let's Talk About Safety


Most American campuses aren't nearly as frightening as the news might make them out to be. And here's why.

Massive Improvements

On a basic level, it's important to remember that most American campuses are significantly safer now than they have been in the past. While the news certainly reports on more incidents than in the past, this isn't because more incidents are happening.

In fact, crime rates have been falling steadily since 1993. Campuses now have more security than ever, with more students and faculty members trained to spot problems and resolve situations than at any point in the past. Campuses are becoming safer for all students, even if most of the news coming out of them can seem negative.

A More Connected World

What is true, though, is that it's easier to get negative news out of a college or high school campus than ever before. With a few exceptions, most of the major problems that have happened on these campuses are problems that have happened for decades. Now, though, the veil of secrecy has been thrown back, and people are beginning to talk about those problems to find solutions.


What's happening now isn't necessarily a rise in violence or other problems, but rather a populace that's less willing to ignore that those problems are happening. This has actually lead to improvements in safety measures, since students and administration can now address the problems that they may have not discussed in the past.