Adjusting to university life


The second low point.

There tends to be a second “crisis” in the adjustment process that can come as a complete surprise. It catches you off guard because you thought you were finished with feeling sad. It tends to show up somewhere around three to four months or more into your transition, but it could be anytime, especially if there is a holiday in your home country when families come together to celebrate and you can’t be there.

The second “crisis” typically isn’t as difficult as the first one you experienced while you were going through culture shock, but it is enough to make you feel blue or depressed. It also doesn’t usually last as long. Some people just have one or two days when they feel down. Once you recognize it for what it is, and remember that it is temporary, you will know you can get through it. Take it easy on yourself.

Nice to meet you!

You know a few people from your dorm, the international student groups, or your classes but not well. You may have found other students from your country you can hang out with, but maybe you haven’t found that really good friend yet. The Entering Stage is a time when you are constantly introducing yourself, looking for someone you have something in common with.

You are feeling like it is time to find people you can really connect with so the introducing will continue for quite some time. You are beginning to look for groups, clubs, or activities to get involved in. You are ready to reach out and see what all this place has to offer you.