5 keys to finding a degree with solid career stability


Choosing a career path that will provide a livable income, opportunities for advancement and a stable financial future has become a more complex process in a rapidly changing world. Individuals setting out on an academic path must do more soul searching, more research and must arm themselves with a practical mindset to ensure that they will be successful in finding the right niche in their chosen field.

You can secure your place in a stable position in a field you enjoy if you follow these 5 keys for success.

Consider your aptitudes carefully

A successful career is a long-term endeavour that often requires intensive planning and labour, along with continuing education. To maintain the motivation and energy to pursue this path, you will have to have the motivation and interest to sustain your efforts as you progress. Although some career fields may offer great stability and reliable financial gains, individuals can find themselves running out of steam after a few years, because they really don’t love what they are doing.

To prevent this sense of “burnout,” it’s a good idea to ensure that you are choosing a path in an area that truly interests and excites you. Make sure your personal aptitudes are suitable for that field of endeavour, in qualities such as high-energy, attention to detail or enjoyment of interacting with other people. If you have the qualities needed for the position, studying for the job, finding the job and maintaining interest in advancing your career in the field, will be easier and more enjoyable.

Stay alert to new economic developments


Do some reading on economic developments that are occurring in various sectors of the economy. This effort can often point you in a specific direction in your degree choices. For example, computerisation is offering a number of new opportunities in many different areas of the economy, so information technology studies may provide a career advantage in your chosen field. As the population ages, healthcare is expected to boom, so if you have an interest in this area of the economy, explore the different areas of medicine to find the right position for your needs.