4 tips for making college more affordable


If there is anything that everyone knows about college, it is that it's very expensive. College costs are not affordable for the average American family, and many people rely heavily on scholarships, grants, and loans to be able to afford their education.

Colleges expect both parents and students to contribute (See collegewise). This puts a hardship on many children whose parents will not contribute. If you or your child is looking for a way to afford an education, follow these tips:

Apply for all the scholarships

There are scholarships for everything; grades, sports, clubs, essays, etc. Look high and low for scholarships to apply to. Also look for scholarships specifically focused towards students in your major or program. The more you apply to, the better chance you have at offsetting the mountain of bills that come along with college.

Consider loans but understand the risks

Student loans can jack up their interest so that you end up paying way more than you originally borrowed. While student loans are an option, make sure to research the policies and interest rates of different lenders before settling on a company.