The USA is the world's number one study abroad destination with some 20% of international students choosing to study there. 

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A Coffee with Kerri Medina of International College Counselors
“A Coffee with Kerri Medina of International College Counselors”

“Kerri Medina serves as the Director of College Counseling for International College Counselors” Hello Kerri, how do you take your coffee? Having grown up outside of Seattle, I love espresso and frequently start my day with a homemade latte. What would you say are the most satisfying aspects … read more

Streamlining the enrolment process for studying in the US
“Streamlining the enrolment process for studying in the US”

For any student pursuing a degree in the U.S., one of the roadblocks is working with the various government Departments. In order to streamline the process for students trying to meet enrolment requirements while also applying for a student visa, the State Department developed the Bureau of Educatio… read more

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Priscilia wins the Blogger Photo Competition 2014
A Global Blog - “Priscilia wins the Blogger Photo Competition 2014”

And the winner is ..... i-studentglobal asked our bloggers to produce six themed photographs.  The winner would be the blogger whose photos got the most Likes on Facebook over the six week period.  We received some wonderful photos but the most popular of these were sent in by Priscilia W… read more

Painted Ponies and Melting Ice-cream
Maria Isabel Bonilla - “Painted Ponies and Melting Ice-cream”

Summer Internship 2014 And so, I’ve found myself in the amazing “White Aspen Ranch” for my summer internship. This place is absolutely amazing and hopefully one day I can own one just like it. … the amazing ‘White Aspen Ranch’” It has everything I hope to have in a lesson barn: a … read more