The USA is the world's number one study abroad destination with some 20% of international students choosing to study there. 

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Interview with a photographer and film maker
“Interview with a photographer and film maker”

Wei Qian, who is usually known as Eris, is a graduate of the University of Virginia where she was the first Chinese student to study a Media Studies Major.  She now works at the prestigious Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC as a Contract Video Producer for the National Museum of Natural … read more

5 Part-time jobs for students in the US
“5 Part-time jobs for students in the US”

The cost of higher education includes tuition, books and lab supplies, but college spending doesn't end there.  Housing, transportation, food and other costs of living also contribute to the overall financial burden of education, placing students in a difficult place paying for school. Financi… read more

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If you want to find a career you love, start doing something crazy
Xia Wu (Shell) - “If you want to find a career you love, start doing something crazy”

When I reflect on my years post graduation from college, I always regret not pushing myself harder to break out of my comfort zone. From a career perspective, I had it easy for a long time.  I picked something that looked good on paper and was right on my turf, a profession called "actuarial c… read more

Paddling Against the Current
Wei Eris Qian - “Paddling Against the Current”

When I was in college, I always got the look of "you must be crazy" or "your family must be rich" from my Chinese national peers. Yes, I was an international student in the US; yet no, I was not doing STEM or business. I was in fact the first and the only Chinese to major in Media Studies at Univers… read more