The USA is the world's number one study abroad destination with some 20% of international students choosing to study there. 

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Online US Masters Programme Guide
“Online US Masters Programme Guide”

If lack of time or your location make it difficult for you to study for a Masters in the traditional manner you might be considering an online course.  Affordable Colleges Online have a new Graduate Degree Guidebook which offers an in-depth guide to online master’s degrees in the U.S. an… read more

A Coffee with Kerri Medina of International College Counselors
“A Coffee with Kerri Medina of International College Counselors”

“Kerri Medina serves as the Director of College Counseling for International College Counselors” Hello Kerri, how do you take your coffee? Having grown up outside of Seattle, I love espresso and frequently start my day with a homemade latte. What would you say are the most satisfying aspects … read more

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The Musical Cure
Jason Mitchell - “The Musical Cure”

Hello there again Jason is back for another year in the twittershpere here to blog for your enjoyment. So far in the world of sports Toronto Maple Leafs fans believe this is their year! They said that every year though so it’s bound to happen one of these days. On a more serious note though I do h… read more

My Favourite Professor
Tai Ekundayo - “My Favourite Professor”

My favourite professor at FMCC is Radiologic Technology Assistant Professor Karlyn LaBate. She is an awesome teacher with a very vast knowledge and sound understanding of the subjects she teaches. She comes well prepared for her classes, using a variety of methods to teach that gives the student a g… read more