The USA is the world's number one study abroad destination with some 20% of international students choosing to study there. 

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The Positives of Using Social Media
“The Positives of Using Social Media”

Recently, I wrote a piece about things students should never do on social media. This week, I am going to flip the topic and focus on things students can do on social media that might help them get noticed by schools, and in some cases, accepted too. “... things students can do on social media … read more

College Prep in the USA Made Easy
“College Prep in the USA Made Easy”

Overwhelmed by the college admissions process? You should be! You’ve got thousands of colleges to choose from, each with a unique set of requirements for you to meet. Add to that the many voices out there telling you what you must do and how to do it, and you have plenty of reasons to crumble to t… read more

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My RWB International Students Scholarship Award
Tai Ekundayo - “My RWB International Students Scholarship Award”

In my last blog I wrote about my favourite teacher at FMCC, Assistant Professor Karlyn LaBate. Last month she nominated me for the Radiologists without Borders (RWB) student scholarship and I was awarded $1,000. I was very grateful for this!  The scholarship is awarded to an international stude… read more

 A Letter to Aspiring Art Students
Wei Eris Qian - “A Letter to Aspiring Art Students”

Recently, a freshman asked me whether she should follow her passion to become an artist, or obey her parents to study commerce. Feeling that this is a common dilemma for international students, I decided to publish my words here to help. “I decided to publish my words ...” Dear Fellow Art Lo… read more