The USA is the world's number one study abroad destination with some 20% of international students choosing to study there. 

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A Coffee with Kerri Medina of International College Counselors
“A Coffee with Kerri Medina of International College Counselors”

Hello Kerri, how do you take your coffee? Having grown up outside of Seattle, I love espresso and frequently start my day with a homemade latte. What would you say are the most satisfying aspects of your work? I really love building relationships and through my work I have ample opportunity to do… read more

Streamlining the enrollment process for studying in the US
“Streamlining the enrollment process for studying in the US”

For any student pursuing a degree in the U.S., one of the roadblocks is working with the various government Departments. In order to streamline the process for students trying to meet enrollment requirements while also applying for a student visa, the State Department developed the Bureau of Educati… read more

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Why Study in the US?
Ayumi Shibata - “Why Study in the US?”

It has been almost two months since I got back in Tokyo for the summer. It’s quite hot and humid here. I have one piece of advice for all of you who might travel to Japan someday in the future: Don’t come to Japan in June or July. It’s the rainy season, and is definitely not the best time to v… read more

The Next Step in my Career Path
Ruika Lin - “The Next Step in my Career Path”

Starting with the second project Summer 2012, right after I completed my first long-term project at my first job in Washington DC, I was put on a large client project in Boston for a month. Generally at a professional service firm, resources are allocated based on availability and geographic proxim… read more