The USA is the world's number one study abroad destination with some 20% of international students choosing to study there. 

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5 College Degrees That Pay For Themselves

“5 College Degrees That Pay For Themselves”

College tuition fees can be staggering, and so can the debts that students must take on in order to pay them. If you’re wondering whether you should bite the bullet and pay big bucks for your degree, think about your education in terms of its return on investment. You pay now to get a degree. You … read more

The Positives of Using Social Media

“The Positives of Using Social Media”

Recently, I wrote a piece about things students should never do on social media. This week, I am going to flip the topic and focus on things students can do on social media that might help them get noticed by schools, and in some cases, accepted too. “... things students can do on social media … read more

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Student Support Services at Fulton Montgomery Community College

Tai Ekundayo - “Student Support Services at Fulton Montgomery Community College”

The Evans library at FMCC works proactively to assist students to maximize their academic experience and achieve success by providing great student support services. One of such services provided is information literacy skills in support of campus courses and programmes. This allows students to accu… read more

My First Week in San Francisco

Ruika Lin - “My First Week in San Francisco”

I moved to San Francisco in summer 2013. Having lived in Virginia and been used to the suburb environment for so long, I was irrationally surprised by the liveliness of this city on the other coast of America. I remember thinking to myself, almost naively amazed, when looking at all the people waiti… read more