WHY Roehampton?


Roehampton is a district of south-west London that holds many cultural and historic characteristics for locals and students to enjoy. Located in the borough of Wandsworth, this suburban district is not as busy as central London, but still gives students the feel of a major city.

1. Landmarks: Royal Museums Greenwich


The Royal Museums Greenwich is made up of the National Maritime Museum and the Royal Observatory. This collection of museums is also considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

Notable Mention: 

Wimbledon: This borough and stadium hosts a variety of events at a reasonable cost for a Londoner. 

2. Best Greens: Richmond Park


Richmond Park is a large-scale greenery located between the boroughs of Wandsworth and Putney. The park is known for its' array of flowers and beautiful streams. 

Notable Mention:

Roehampton Playing Fields: These fields are every sports man's dreams. There are plenty of activities and space for all to enjoy.