What is a UK Bank Holiday? (An International Student’s Guide)

For many international students studying in the UK, public holidays, or Bank Holidays, may be a foreign concept.


These are days that are considered non-working days and have been occurring since 1871. The term Bank Holiday was created due to the closing of the workplace and that trading could not occur on those days back in the 19th century. 

In modern times, this means that employers give paid days off for Bank Holidays, particularly when the days fall on to a Monday. It is not expected that every employer give workers the day off, but typically most companies do follow this procedure for Bank Holidays. Bank holidays become part of a worker’s annual leave and most employees use them wisely to take trips across Europe and further abroad.

2016 Bank Holidays Remaining:

29th August  -   Monday   -  Summer Bank Holiday

26th December   -  Monday  -  Boxing Day

27th December   -  Tuesday  -  Christmas Day (substitute)

If you are wondering when the Bank Holidays are, you can find out more information here. Be sure to check with your employer whether you have these actual days off.



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