Want to study medicine in the UK?


Not enough doctors

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The reality is, the UK needs more doctors. Last winter, Accident and Emergency (A&E) departments were short almost 3,000 doctors and battled to cope with the pressures of the cold season. Over the last five years, emergency admissions have risen and A&E departments say they need at least 8,000 doctors – 27 percent more than currently employed.

After your studies, you may choose to head home and apply your knowledge back in your own country. Or, subject to visa requirements, you might want to capitalise on the high demand for doctors in the UK and get some more experience here first.

If you choose to go into research in the UK, you’ll benefit from access to leading medical research facilities – the UK ranks second in the world for medical research. Wherever you choose to work, a medical degree obtained in the UK is infinitely employable and will give you a globally recognised qualification. All you have to do, is make sure you get off to the right start and give yourself the best possible shot at success.


Special thanks to Simon Mower for providing us with this article.