UK Bucket List (Student Checklist)


Arriving in the United Kingdom can be life-changing as there are so many new experiences ahead of any student on their study abroad. Here’s our UK bucket list for what to do after you’ve just landed with all of your baggage after flying for an endless number of hours. What will you decide to do first on our student checklist?

In this article, we will show you our picks of the best experiences in eating, What to do in London and Outside of London during your time in the UK. 


1. Have a hearty Full English Breakfast. Gone are your days of cereal, pancakes, and hangover meals at IHOP. This is your new go-to.


We recommend The Breakfast Club

2. Hit your local pub. After settling into your new place, you discover that all your flatmates are headed to a pub. Is this a bar? Is it close by? Yep. This is your local pub, make it your second home by getting friendly with the bartenders and making sure your favourite beer is in stock.


We recommend the Craft Beer Co.

3. Late night snack of cheesy chips. On your way home from your great night out, stop for some cheesy chips. It’s a must if you want to dull tomorrow's impending hangover.


Find this at your nearest fish and chip shop.

4. Try afternoon tea. Now that you are back in your own city, check out a nearby hotel or restaurant that does a stylish afternoon tea. Afternoon tea is perfect for a brunch with friends you haven’t seen in a while, a birthday, or special occasions.


We suggest trying The BlackBird Tea Rooms in Brighton. 

5. Glorious Sunday roasts. Once you’ve hit the end of your weekend and realise that Monday is just around the corner, meet some friends for a Sunday roast to prepare you for the week ahead. Trust me you’ll sleep well after that.


 We recommend The BlackLock