Top Student Cities in the UK (Outside of London)


The United Kingdom is considered one of the best countries to study due to the higher institutions here consistantly ranking world-wide and the internationally recognised education system. However, a lot of in-bound international students may only look into Universities in the capital city, London. We look at some other great student cities in the UK to show you what you might be missing out on. Where would you live during your studies? 

1. Bristol (SW England)


Bristol, also named the best city in the UK for many years, is home to an abundance of culture and artistic sites sure to be appealing to many students. It is one of the more progressive cities in the UK, being noted as Europe’s Greenest City in 2015. Bristol knows how to live outdoors, with numerous outdoor parks and events including an annual waterslide down the steepest street of the city.

Universities in Bristol: University of Bristol  and University of West England.

2. Brighton (SE England)


Also tying for the best city in the UK on many occasions, Brighton is the artistic and independent hub of England, attracting all types of personas within it’s accepting community. Brighton has the most festivals out of any other city in the UK annually, making it a playground for students who enjoy activities. Brighton also has an abundance of parks, beaches, and piers that make a Sunday memorable.

Universities in Brighton: University of Brighton and University of Sussex.