Discover the best UK cities for students


London Named Best UK Student City in the World

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According to the latest QS Best Student Cities index, the UK has the second-highest number of entries following the US. London enjoys a spot in the top five Best Student Cities in the world. These have been assessed on various indicators, including university rankings, affordability, student mix and employer activity. The top UK cities are: 

  1. London 
  2. Edinburgh 
  3. Manchester 
  4. Coventry
  5. Nottingham
  6. Glasgow 
  7. Birmingham 
  8. Newcastle

To Stay or Not to Stay? 

Attending a university and getting your degree is one thing, but what about finding a job once you graduate? Is it worth sticking around in your graduate city or are you better off moving to another location? 
The Hescu Graduate Market Trends report details the percentage of students who left their home region in 2017 to study, compared to the percentage who choose to remain close to home while receiving their tertiary education.

  • 25% of employed graduates moved away from their home region to study but returned home to work. They are known as ‘returners’
  • ‘Incomers’ are the 18% of graduates who worked in a region where they neither studied nor were raised
  • 12% of employed graduates, also known as ‘stayers’, left their home region to study and stayed on to work
  • Finally, 46% of employed graduates studied and worked in their home region. They are known as ‘loyals’