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“Top Student Cities in the UK (Outside of London)”

The United Kingdom is considered one of the best countries to study due to the higher institutions here consistantly ranking world-wide and the internationally recognised education system. However, a lot of in-bound international students may only look into Universities in the capital city, London. … read more

“The New (and Poor) Student’s Guide to Living in the UK”

Moving to a new country is already daunting, let alone having no information on how to get set up with your basic necessities. We have tried, and failed, just so you don’t have to. 1.FINDING A PLACE TO LIVE If you haven’t done this already, this is your first step because you cannot arrang… read more

i-studentglobal's Top Weekend Destinations

“i-studentglobal's Top Weekend Destinations”

One of the best experiences of studying abroad in Europe is having some of the world’s hottest destinations at your fingertips. Whether you have a semester or years abroad, there’s plenty of time to explore some of the most influential cities in history. As students, budgeting is of the highest … read more

Why Study Psychology in the UK? - Dr Ryan Scott

“Why Study Psychology in the UK? - Dr Ryan Scott”

As part of our ongoing series of articles about studying Psychology worldwide, we visited Dr Ryan Scott, Lecturer in Psychology at University of Sussex, to ask him about why the UK is a great place to study Psychology and what the UK (and Sussex) offers prospective students, international and domest… read more

Relevant Student Blogs

The End of a PhD

Monica Hess - “The End of a PhD”

So, this is it! After three years full of smiles, tears, happiness and tiredness, I am (not) ready to say goodbye to Chichester and University of Chichester. Although still a PhD student in the writing up phase, my full bursary runs out on 1st of October 2015 and, hence, I have been hunting for the … read more

One Day Trip to the Romanian Countryside During Summer Holidays

Monica Hess - “One Day Trip to the Romanian Countryside During Summer Holidays”

  After what I could easily call the busiest summers of my life, I managed to still go home to Romania for couple of days during summertime. With a new job under my belt and with my dad getting a new job as well at age of 64, my family and I had a lot of reasons to celebrate. “Hot weather… read more

Chinese New Year

Yulin Wang - “Chinese New Year”

xin nian kuai le新年快乐 This year was no different to history, across China millions of people were making great efforts to travel thousands of miles by train, air or coach through many different cities and provinces to make their way home. It is not exaggerating at all to call it the world’… read more


Irina Dumitru - “Travelling”

Travelling makes me feel like I don’t belong. Being an international student, you get to have two places to call home, whether you want to admit it or not. And travelling between the two can sometimes make you feel confused about which one you prefer. I went back home to Romania for the winter ho… read more