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Studying philosophy in the UK
“Studying philosophy in the UK”

What is philosophy? Philosophy means ‘love of wisdom’, and philosophy as an academic subject involves the systematic study of deep and important questions about ourselves and our world. Studying philosophy will not, of course, guarantee that you become wise. But studying the subject is just abo… read more

A guide to UK colloquialisms for non-native speakers
“A guide to UK colloquialisms for non-native speakers”

International students arriving in the UK for the first time will encounter some English phrases they haven’t heard before. Here are just a few of them. One of the biggest worries for non-native English speakers coming to the UK is the potential for the language barrier to get in the way. Even f… read more

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The Horse is here ...
Yulin Wang - “The Horse is here ...”

Don’t be afraid, it is not a real horse. I am talking about the year 2014 here; according to the Chinese calendar 2014 is the Year of the Horse.  Horse in Chinese is 马, pronunciation is Ma.  Can you say it?  Traditionally, we believe that horse symbolises energy and vitality, so t… read more

It’s Fun Volunteering!
Yulin Wang - “It’s Fun Volunteering!”

It’s Fun Volunteering! Our beautiful historical city of Chichester organises exciting sports events throughout the year, such as a Mini Triathlon, 10K Fun Run and Chichester Half Marathon. If you are a big fan of sports or studying in the University of Chichester, I would suggest you keep your ey… read more