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Study in the UK - What if Five A*s are no Longer Enough?
“Study in the UK - What if Five A*s are no Longer Enough?”

Bhavini Pathak, enrichment manager at Bellerbys College London, explains what universities are really looking for in your application and what her college is doing about it. If you want to go to a top university you have to achieve brilliant results, this is still as true as it has always been. How… read more

Studying philosophy in the UK
“Studying philosophy in the UK”

What is philosophy? Philosophy means ‘love of wisdom’, and philosophy as an academic subject involves the systematic study of deep and important questions about ourselves and our world. Studying philosophy will not, of course, guarantee that you become wise. But studying the subject is just abo… read more

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Dissertation Crisis
Irina Dumitru - “Dissertation Crisis”

Judging by the sound of the crunching leaves under my feet as I walk the streets of Chichester and the sad faces of young people, it is only fair to say that summer is almost, if not completely over. The final year of uni is approaching faster than I thought and guess what? I still haven’t decided… read more

Priscilia wins the Blogger Photo Competition 2014
A Global Blog - “Priscilia wins the Blogger Photo Competition 2014”

And the winner is ..... i-studentglobal asked our bloggers to produce six themed photographs.  The winner would be the blogger whose photos got the most Likes on Facebook over the six week period.  We received some wonderful photos but the most popular of these were sent in by Priscilia W… read more