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10 Tips To Help You Fit In (and score points) With The Locals

“10 Tips To Help You Fit In (and score points) With The Locals”

After having spent 4 years of my life studying in the UK, firstly in Bangor University, Wales and then at University of York, I wanted to pass on a few words of wisdom to those international students about to start their adventures studying in the UK. 1. If you are from an English-speaking cou… read more

Choose the Right Business MBA Course in the UK

“Choose the Right Business MBA Course in the UK”

Deciding to do an MBA is an important decision that is likely to play a profoundly significant role in your future career. Subsequently, it is vital that you think long and hard and carry out thorough and informed research when it comes down to choosing your MBA course in the UK. An MBA is tough, me… read more

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Chinese New Year

Yulin Wang - “Chinese New Year”

xin nian kuai le新年快乐 This year was no different to history, across China millions of people were making great efforts to travel thousands of miles by train, air or coach through many different cities and provinces to make their way home. It is not exaggerating at all to call it the world’… read more


Irina Dumitru - “Travelling”

Travelling makes me feel like I don’t belong. Being an international student, you get to have two places to call home, whether you want to admit it or not. And travelling between the two can sometimes make you feel confused about which one you prefer. I went back home to Romania for the winter ho… read more