Sunnie Pham from Vietnam on how to push beyond your comfort zone (part 2)


During your studies, what has been the most challenging moment? How did you overcome it?

Preparing for final exams. I asked my local friends about their strategies to prepare for exams, then tried some until I found the right strategy for myself. The learning process here is very different from the one in my country. So, I found that having local friends is so important.

Share with us the most memorable moments at uni.

Possibly were the trips to some spotlights with international friends organised by NMIT. We did some mountainous walkings, playing cricket (my first time ever), kayaking in Kaiteriteri. Or when my team finished a presentation successfully, or hang-out times in the crowded Sprig and Fern bar just after completing final exams with my classmates.

Tell us more about any extracurricular activities you are involved in during studies.

I joined a start-up event which was co-organised by NMIT. Being an NMIT student helped me to purchase a cheaper ticket to join this start-up event. And I learned so much of how to work in a team with few locals to make an idea become a real business. Also, I got an internship with a local company that helped me to gain more real work experiences.

What are your top tips to study during exams? How do you cope?

Using mind maps, following the course outlines, flashcards, doing more exercises as my major is Accounting.

What do you usually do during break season?

Working full time and travelling.

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Give your top tips that would make any high school student want to study overseas.

Be more confident about yourself as you will mostly learn things and make decisions on your own. Have more friends from all around the world. Be able to confidently use English in academic environments and workplaces.

Be more open as you see more different views from different international people. Learn at least one new culture. This could help you later when you work in a multicultural organisation. Try so many new things. Possibly have higher income with a highly recognised qualification. And you could get to know more about yourself as you will be away from your comfort zone.