Sunnie Pham from Vietnam on how to push beyond your comfort zone (part 2)


We talked with Sunnie, an international student from Vietnam, about the moment when she decided to study abroad in New Zealand, about her first weeks away from home, uni and future plans. Discover the second part of her international story below.

Do you see yourself staying in this country and making a living here? Why?

Yes, but maybe only in a short-term to gain more experiences in an international workplace. Plus, I still have family in my country.

Did you speak English prior to your arrival or you had to take English classes?

I already learned English in Vietnam and could speak it before I arrived NZ. But I still took few months to learn more English here before entering into a degree, because I was not so confident in communicating in English.

Did you join any clubs or organisations appertaining to NMIT? If so, tell us more about the experience.

NMIT has no club, but I have joined some community events outside of the institution. So, what I've done were to involve in a local community as a volunteer to make a vegetable garden for a primary school, support a science event for pupils, help to make Christmas Eve dinner for local seniors. Through these activities, I know more about the community where I live, make friend with the locals and practice my English.

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How did you find the courses? Which one is your favourite and why?

Through internet. Finance is my favourite area because I love maths and economics.