Sunnie Pham from Vietnam on how to push beyond your comfort zone (part 1)


How did you find accommodation in the new country?

Through friends' recommendations and Googling.

Did you use any social media platforms to get information when you were researching about your university/studying abroad?

Yes, I searched and compared info from some educational websites, blogs.

Do you follow your university on social media? Where?

Yes, on my Facebook.

Which social media platforms do you use the most?


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What was the first difference you noticed between your home country and the one you went to study in?

People are so different. I was so surprised when I caught smiles from strangers on the streets.

Did you know anyone in New Zealand?

No, but I have made so many new friends from all around the world here.

Do you have any high school colleagues that went to study at NMIT?

No, unfortunately.

What things did you hear about NZ before coming here?

I heard about the dairy industry and the beautiful nature.

Whom do you miss the most from home?

My mother.

How did people welcome you?

When I was walking on the street, most people smiled at me and said hello.