Sunnie Pham from Vietnam on how to push beyond your comfort zone (part 1)


We talked with Sunnie, an international student from Vietnam, about the moment when she decided to study abroad in New Zealand, about her first weeks away from home, uni and future plans. Discover the first part of her international story below.

What made you chose this university?

I had traveled to Nelson before starting my study, then fell in love with the spectacular nature here. Also, studying in a small city with fewer students from the same country is helping me improve my English as I have more chances to make friends with the locals and other international students.

How many options were on your initial list and why did you choose New Zealand in the end?

Before choosing NZ, I wanted to study in Canada and Australia because I have relatives in these countries. But after spending a year on a working holiday visa in NZ, I thought I would learn more and be more confident if I live on my own. In addition, I love outdoor activities such as hiking, kayaking, etc which are offered everywhere in NZ. Just imagine when you are stuck in getting ideas for your assignments or have been tired of studying, going hiking in such incredible tracks in Nelson lake national park could help to refresh your mind.

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Who were the people who influenced your decision the most?

No one, except myself.

Describe the moment when you told your family and friends that you wish to study abroad.

Studying abroad is not only my wish but also is my family's expectation. Then, they were so excited for my decision.