Staying put or returning home?


Who remains
and who returns home?


The report helps us understand the diversity within New Zealand’s education system and gets us to learn the differences between international graduates from different countries when it comes to returning or remaining in the country after completing their studies. Here are the most important findings with regard to their study patterns:

  • “Eight years after graduation, the percentage of young, international Chinese graduates who have returned overseas is very similar to graduates who come to New Zealand from other countries, across all qualification levels, at 56 to 64 percent. The percentage of young, international graduates from China who return overseas after they complete a Level 1-4 certificate or postgraduate qualification is lower than the average for all young, international graduates After completing a first qualification, young, international Chinese graduates are more likely to continue on to do further study in the next four to five years compared to the average rate for all young, international graduates.”
  • “Young, international students from ASEAN countries who gain a bachelors degree in New Zealand are more likely to return overseas after they complete their studies compared to the average for all young, international graduates. The average overseas rate two to eight years after they complete their studies is 71 percent. Eight years after study, 64 to 75 percent of young, international ASEAN graduates have returned overseas across all qualification levels.”
  • “The number of students from GCC countries who gain a qualification in New Zealand has been increasing over time. However, the numbers are not yet high enough at most levels and in most years after study to be able to make many robust conclusions about what these graduates do after they complete their studies. The rate of returning overseas is also similar to the rate for all young, international graduates in the first four years after study; however, the rate is higher in later years after study. Employment rates are very low, with almost no Level 1-4 certificate graduates remaining in New Zealand to work.”


Sources: Moving places: Destinations and earnings of international graduates 2017 report; ICEF Monitor