fees & costs

Tuition fees will be the main expense for any international student, followed closely by living costs.

Most overseas students will be required to pay international fees. You must pay your fees in advance, as proof of payment is required for your student visa application.

The annual fee for study can vary depending on your institution and course, but average fees for an undergraduate degree are from NZ$18,500- 25,000 per year and postgraduate degrees can cost up to $40,000. Universities New Zealand has a useful table showing the average fees for different subject areas at each of New Zealand's eight universities.

Polytechnic courses range from around NZ$10,000-15,000 per year.

English Language courses are normally approximately NZ$320-400 per week.

These are just average figures to give an idea of what your tuition fees might be. You should contact your chosen institution for details about their tuition fees.