Eileen From Germany: The Courage Of Trusting Your Own Decisions (Part 2)


What’s the best thing about New Zealand?

I love the nature: New Zealand offers a vast variety of landscapes and everything is absolutely amazing! Distances are not too long to cover so you can travel around easily and see a lot of different spectacular landscapes.

Kayaking in Abel Tasman

What’s the greatest cultural element you discovered here, something that you would potentially want to ‘implement’ in Germany? 

The lifestyle! Everyone is really relaxed with an easy-going lifestyle, being friendly and open-minded to everyone. People are not as stressed-out as they are in Germany.

Do you see yourself staying in this country and making a living here? Why?

I really could imagine living there. The townships aren't too different compared to what you are used to as a European. And the beautiful nature is something I could look at forever. Furthermore, I enjoyed working because the atmosphere was really nice and it was always fun.

Did you speak English prior to your arrival or you had to take English classes?

I learned English since grade 5.

Why did you choose to do a degree in Marketing?

Internships are part of my studies from my home university. Marketing is part of public relations which is part of my studies. So I decided to go to the Marketing Department as I thought it might be very diverting and exciting, especially with the upcoming events I could help out with such as graduations, careers day or trade fairs. I also gained some skills in website editing what is very helpful with my future career.

How did you find the courses? Which one is your favourite and why?

My tasks varied a lot and were very interesting. I mostly enjoyed the organization of the graduations on the three campuses; I could even travel to their Global Campus in Auckland to set it up. I also took part in the Years 8 Careers Day and helped out to promote the NMIT at a trade fair. Furthermore, I enjoyed working independently what I could do while editing the website.

Lake Wakatipu Queenstown with a friend

During your studies, what has been the most challenging moment? How did you overcome it?

Sitting in front of a task and realizing that I had absolutely no clue how to start. After going through it, I slowly started to understand what I should do and when I was half-through I went to my boss to have her check if I am on the right track.

Share with us the most memorable moments at uni.

Christmas -staff party on the yawn in the sun - I was used to a white and cold Christmas. Graduation ceremonies (getting to know the culture and being in touch with locals was really special) and regalia preparation with some volunteer ladies.

What are your top tips to study during exams? How do you cope?

Doing the exercises and revising them.

What do you usually do during break season?

I usually go back home to be with my family and to meet my friends as we all study in different cities. Once or twice a year I go on holiday with my family or some friends.