Eileen From Germany: The Courage Of Trusting Your Own Decisions (Part 2)


Discover the second chapter of Eileen's uni stories and experiences in New Zealand below.

Whom do you miss the most from home?

Mostly family and close friends. But social media made it easy to stay in touch. I have some friends I texted with every single day.

Hiking in Abel Tasman National Park

How did people welcome you?

Everyone was really friendly and keen to get to know me. NMIT staff showed me around uni and town. I also got invited over for dinner by some colleagues and they introduced me to some girls my age. When I had questions, they really answered them detailed and made sure I was ok.

Do you have any favourite spots in the city?

I loved the center of New Zealand, a hill you can walk on. I went there every morning with a friend. I also liked Tahunanui beach on the outskirts of town. My favourite spot was Abel Tasman National Park, about one hour away from Nelson and absolutely stunning! I have been there a couple of times, on my own and with friends.

Dolphins we saw on our sailing trip

Did you experience something that you didn’t get to experience in your home country?

I traveled a lot and did some great activities like canyoning, white water rafting or kayaking I wouldn't have done back home. 

How often do you speak with your friends/family from home? And what type of communication channels do you use to keep in touch?

We mostly communicated via WhatsApp, talking or texting and I kept sending them photos. I talked to my family a couple of times a week.

Have you toured around the country? If so, give us the top must-see places.

I did a bus tour that covered the South Island. Must-see places: Abel Tasman National Park (great for hiking, kayaking, canyoning, sailing), Nelson Lakes National Park (great for hikes); Wanaka, Queenstown, Kaikoura (great for Dolphin swimming and Whale Watching).