Eileen from Germany: the courage of trusting your own decisions (part 1)


What criteria did you use to make your decision?

When I started to apply for an internship in New Zealand, I wanted to be somewhere close to the sea as I come from southern Germany and we don't have that here and I saw it as an amazing opportunity to live in a beautiful place people go to for holidays.

Nelson Lakes National Park with a friend

So, I picked some cities by the sea. However, I was also looking for an interesting work and a nice team to complete my internship. NMIT seemed to provide both, therefore I really wanted to go there.

Describe the moment when you told your family and friends that you wish to study abroad.

Most of them couldn't believe I wanted to go that far away - especially during Christmas time. But they were also happy for me as New Zealand holds the status of the country you must see while you're young.

Canyoning in Abel Tasman National Park

How did you find accommodation in the new country?

NMIT helps you find accommodation. I decided to live on campus in the student accommodation and I applied there directly. I was able to choose between single apartments up to a shared apartment with three others. I lived there with three English girls.

Did you use any social media platforms to get information when you were researching about your university/studying abroad?

No, I didn't.