Eileen from Germany: the courage of trusting your own decisions (part 1)


Canyoning in Abel Tasman National Park, going on boat trips and saying hello to dolphins on memorable sailing trips: we talked to Eileen from Germany on what it's like to be an international student in New Zealand. Discover the first chapter of her stories below.

What made you chose this university?

NMIT seemed to be a very interesting institution as they offer a lot of different courses and programs. I believed that their Marketing Department would have a lot of interesting work to do and, as they also have many international students, so I thought it might be even more challenging to see how they approach the different cultures and target groups. When I contacted NMIT, all of the staff were really friendly and helpful and made me feel very welcome.

Boat trip at Milford Sounds

I also liked the location of NMIT as it is on top of the south island of New Zealand and therefore it's easy to reach other regions. Nelson, where NMIT is located, is also close to three really beautiful national parks. All in all, I thought this might be the perfect place to stay for three months to get to know another university, complete a challenging internship and have a great time exploring the beautiful surroundings.

How many options were on your initial list and why did you choose this particular country in the end?

I wanted to go to an English speaking country and to get out of Europe so I thought of going to the US or Canada. However, I have already been to those countries and wanted to challenge myself a bit, too. The idea to go as far away as possible was really fetching so I spread my widths out and contacted a couple of cities in New Zealand - besides, it's said to be one of the most beautiful countries in the world. One of them was Nelson. They mentioned that NMIT might help me get an interesting and diverting internship so I contacted them. The staff seemed to be really nice and helpful so I thought there would be a good working atmosphere. The internship program they offered sounded really exciting, a lot of different tasks to complete and events to plan.

I also liked where Nelson is located and wanted to travel around a bit; I thought it's surely a great place to start an adventure, located by the sea and so close to some beautiful national parks.

Who were the people who influenced your decision the most?

I have a couple of friends that were in New Zealand and convinced me of the beauty of this country. My parents supported me as well, telling me to take this amazing opportunity to widen my horizon and to see the other side of the world.