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Studying medicine in New Zealand
“Studying medicine in New Zealand”

New Zealand offers a choice of two top-quality medical schools and countless opportunities for experience and further study. New Zealand is a country in the South Pacific, of approximately 4.4 million people, renowned for its natural landscape and beauty. As a medical professional working in New Ze… read more

Interview with a civil engineer
“Interview with a civil engineer”

Engineering students in Christchurch (NZ) get hands on experience working with the Christchurch project to rebuild the city following the earthquake in 2011. We interviewed Alessandro Pallermo, a civil engineering lecturer at the University of Canterbury.  Tell us a bit about your positi… read more

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Christmas Greetings from the University of Otago
Victoria McEniery - “Christmas Greetings from the University of Otago”

  Check out the gorgeous Christmas video. The location is on the Otago Peninsula (about 30 minute drive from the University of Otago). It features Santa towing the children on his tractor, and shows them watching as one of the basalt volcanic columns called the Pyramids is decorated and l… read more

Why are International Students so Important to Otago?
Victoria McEniery - “Why are International Students so Important to Otago?”

The University of Otago has 2,600 international students (Otago has 22,000 students) and we realise that making a decision to study at a university overseas is a bold one, but it does provide a valuable opportunity to learn about the New Zealand culture, gain maturity and develop a global perspectiv… read more