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Why Study Psychology in New Zealand?

“Why Study Psychology in New Zealand?”

Welcome to Aotearoa New Zealand! Land of Hobbits, and many, many sheep Just to give a bit of context (because social psychologists are all about the context), Aotearoa New Zealand has a population of about 4.5 million people, around the same as the Republic of Ireland. Just over two-thirds are Pāk… read more

My Letter To Scotland

“My Letter To Scotland”

The study abroad experience, whether it be for a month, a term, a year or a whole degree often leaves a lasting impression. Elizabeth Weinberg first studied abroad in the UK at a university in Scotland. Here is a poem that she wrote reflecting on her experiences there.   Scotland,I will miss y… read more

Relevant Student Blogs

Janet Leung - “The Beginning of Everything”

The beginning is always stiff. But who can tell the rest will not be a bliss? It has been exactly a year since I started my life in New Zealand. Planning my study here has been one of the weightiest plans in my life so far. Not at all a spoiled kid that grows up in comfort zone, leaving home to m… read more


Amit Doshi - “THE NEW ZEALAND DIARY 1.0”

With graduation in Biomedical Engineering and seven years of work experience in the Medical Devices Industry, I had planned to do my MBA. After a lot of research and consultation, I zeroed down on doing my MBA at the esteemed University of Otago, which holds the reputation of the best full-time MBA … read more

Rachel Goh - “Why I chose to pursue my dreams at Otago”

1st July 2015 was the day I realised “Oh my I am a PhD Candidate” and it was also when I realised I have a loooooong road ahead of me.  Were these withdrawal symptoms from my fun and carefree undergraduate days? Perhaps. Doing postgrad is a whole different ball game, and you have to be prep… read more

Shanna Law - “Reflections From America”

Three weeks ago, I left New Zealand and traveled home to America. I spent just over nine months in New Zealand, and a lot can change in that time. I was a bit apprehensive about going home - I anticipated that I would face reverse culture-shock and feel slightly out of place. While this proved to be… read more