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Studying Medicine In New Zealand

“Studying Medicine In New Zealand”

New Zealand offers a choice of two top-quality medical schools and countless opportunities for experience and further study. New Zealand is a country in the South Pacific, of approximately 4.4 million people, renowned for its natural landscape and beauty. As a medical professional working in New Ze… read more

Study engineering in New Zealand

“Study engineering in New Zealand”

New Zealand has a number of institutions offering top-quality IPENZ-accredited engineering programmes. New Zealand is a developed, democratic and, compared to most of the world, remote country. It has a population of approximately four million people living in an area 15% larger than the UK. … read more

Why Study Psychology in New Zealand?

“Why Study Psychology in New Zealand?”

Welcome to Aotearoa New Zealand! Land of Hobbits, and many, many sheep Just to give a bit of context (because social psychologists are all about the context), Aotearoa New Zealand has a population of about 4.5 million people, around the same as the Republic of Ireland. Just over two-thirds are Pāk… read more

My Letter To Scotland

“My Letter To Scotland”

The study abroad experience, whether it be for a month, a term, a year or a whole degree often leaves a lasting impression. Elizabeth Weinberg first studied abroad in the UK at a university in Scotland. Here is a poem that she wrote reflecting on her experiences there.   Scotland,I will miss y… read more

Interview with a civil engineer

“Interview with a civil engineer”

Engineering students in Christchurch (NZ) get hands on experience working with the Christchurch project to rebuild the city following the earthquake in 2011. We interviewed Alessandro Pallermo, a civil engineering lecturer at the University of Canterbury.  Tell us a bit about your positi… read more

New Zealand: Enjoy studying English

“New Zealand: Enjoy studying English”

New Zealand is a great place to study English and if you study at an English New Zealand school you can be sure of a quality experience. New Zealand attracts students from all over the world; students focused on further education, as well as students who are seeking tourism plus study options. New… read more

Why study design in New Zealand?

“Why study design in New Zealand?”

New zealand is ideally placed for budding designers to hone their craft. The relative isolation of New Zealand offers real advantages. Being at the edge brings freedom to improvise, to invent and to imagine. It has created one of the world’s great experimental cultures and established a long… read more

Universities that can change the world

“Universities that can change the world”

A number of institutions have extended their mission statement beyond teaching or training and are now looking at having a positive impact on the planet and the communities we inhabit. Started in 1996, the Albukhary International University (AIU) calls itself a 'Humaniversity'. Its students, who r… read more

How to earn a top salary

“How to earn a top salary”

Earning a big salary is a popular reason for doing a degree. You can heighten your chances of getting one of the highest paying jobs by choosing a course which will start you on a career with a top salary.  A recent report published by the New Zealand Ministry of Education gives students an i… read more

Writing courses available in New Zealand

“Writing courses available in New Zealand”

Careers in writing can take many forms, but a writing course in New Zealand can be a solid foundation for your future writing career, whatever the genre. New Zealand is the home of many world famous writers. Sir Peter Jackson, scriptwriter and director of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, lives and wo… read more

Why you should study sport management in New Zealand

“Why you should study sport management in New Zealand”

New Zealand is the perfect place to study sport management, being the most physically active nation in the world and with a sports industry that is constantly developing. If sport is the toy department of life, then New Zealand’s playroom is about as good as it gets. New Zealand is a nation that … read more

Studying law and sport in New Zealand

“Studying law and sport in New Zealand”

Learn what you can expect to study in a Law and Sport programme. The law is now an integral part of sport. Law and Sport is an area of law that is studied in New Zealand, both at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. Resulting research papers have been published and have won international award… read more

An interview with a boutique hotel owner

“An interview with a boutique hotel owner”

Kristin Hansen, from Norway, is the owner of a boutique hotel in Cambodia, which incorporates her commitment to social development and sustainable tourism Why did you choose to study in Australia and why did you choose your particular courses?"I visited Australia on an around-the-world tour after I… read more

New Zealand: an attractive offer for economics students

“New Zealand: an attractive offer for economics students”

New Zealand is a modern, technologically advanced, globally competitive nation offering internationally recognised university education within a unique cultural and natural environment. New Zealand education is increasingly international in character, driven by trends which include the ICT revoluti… read more

New Zealand: the perfect place to study environmental sciences

“New Zealand: the perfect place to study environmental sciences”

New Zealand is perfectly placed as a centre for research in science, especially environmental and earth sciences, says Dr James Renwick. Science is an approach to looking at and understanding the natural world. It is very much evidence-based, using observations to develop ideas and theories about h… read more

Studying information systems in Australia

“Studying information systems in Australia”

Information systems graduates are sought after in the business world and Australia is a great place to study this exciting subject. Australia is a great place to live, work and study. Australians live in a democratic society which is highly multicultural. Australia’s environment is friendly, safe… read more

A view from the other side of the desk: a chemistry teacher's perspective

“A view from the other side of the desk: a chemistry teacher's perspective”

Higher level chemistry teacher, associate professor Emily Parker, tells us how she aims to make chemistry accessible to all. Chemistry is a subject that is considered by many people to be hard and inaccessible. My approach to teaching is underpinned by my belief that everyone can achieve outstandin… read more

Learn more about accountancy in Australia

“Learn more about accountancy in Australia”

Studying accountancy in Australia could be the perfect platform for a successful, varied and interesting career but it is important to consider certain factors when making your choice. Studying accountancy has been a popular choice for international students in recent years. But it is worth reflect… read more

Business and economics in New Zealand

“Business and economics in New Zealand”

A de-regulated New Zealand economy offers market advantages for business education. New Zealand is an advantageous study destination for business and economics qualifications. Its highly developed economy, founded on a skilled, educated workforce and an abundance of natural resources, offers a stud… read more

Why business and finance students should learn the lessons of the global economic crisis

“Why business and finance students should learn the lessons of the global economic crisis”

As the world strives to recover from the global economic crisis, it is important that the next generation of business and finance graduates learns the lessons from the past to ensure a more prosperous future. Educating the next generation of financial planners and business leaders has never been mo… read more

Green, techno and traditional science in New Zealand

“Green, techno and traditional science in New Zealand”

Science is a diverse subject area and New Zealand offers the chance to study in many of the different areas available, from traditional to techno sciences. New Zealand is currently seeing a boom in the demand for science-related graduates for positions and careers in businesses, government organisa… read more

New Zealand: adventure playground of the world

“New Zealand: adventure playground of the world”

A glimpse at the adventures a course in outdoor leadership or snowsport instruction could take you on in Central Otago and Queenstown, New Zealand. New Zealand is often referred to as the adventure playground of the world. And justifiably so. It is not just that our mountain-ranges are vast and sno… read more

Finding your rhythm: a career in music events

“Finding your rhythm: a career in music events”

The music industry is competitive and individualistic, but Victoria University graduate Fiona Nicolson remains determined to forge a career for herself in a field she loves Fiona Nicolson is trying to forge a career in the music industry organising music events. "My first time at a music festi… read more

Investigate the study of geography in New Zealand

“Investigate the study of geography in New Zealand”

With its breathtaking and varied landscape, New Zealand offers a vibrant setting for any aspiring geographer, as Mary Flaws explains. Aotearoa/New Zealand is a country of contrasts with a wide variety of natural and cultural landscapes. It straddles a plate boundary and has active volcanoes, volcan… read more

Animal education in the Antipodes

“Animal education in the Antipodes”

Veterinary education is a fast growing field of study across Australia and New Zealand. Dr Mark Lawrie, President of the Australian Veterinary Association explores veterinary study down under. Australia and New Zealand have a strong and growing veterinary education sector. There has been expansion … read more

Redefining history in New Zealand

“Redefining history in New Zealand”

New Zealand’s unique position of having strong historical legacies from European settlers, the Mãori and others has led to diverse and exciting history programmes, as Professor Giselle Byrnes explains. History is the study of what happened in the past. It is also the study of how we know what ha… read more

Why study film and digital media in New Zealand's Wellington?

“Why study film and digital media in New Zealand's Wellington?”

Supporting a highly creative atmosphere, especially in the field of film and digital media, Wellington, New Zealand could be the perfect place to nurture your talents. Ingenuity and creativity are distinctive characteristics of a classic Kiwi, and none more so than in New Zealand’s capital city, … read more

The business of hospitality

“The business of hospitality”

In this article the Hospitality Standards Institute talk about New Zealand’s vibrant hospitality industry, discussing the wide sprectrum of sectors and different career paths. New Zealand’s large and vibrant hospitality industry employs around 136,000 people, nearly 7% of the workforce, working… read more

Social Science: Helping us to understand ourselves and the world

“Social Science: Helping us to understand ourselves and the world”

Social science is an important area of study that will lead to a versatile degree and a rewarding career. Social science has probably never been a more important area of study than it is today, and probably never has it been less acknowledged for the immense contribution it can make to understandin… read more

Philosophy in New Zealand: a good place to study

“Philosophy in New Zealand: a good place to study”

If you are reading this article you probably have a fair idea of what philosophy is and have made up your mind that you would like to give it a go. But is New Zealand a good place to study it? The answer is unequivocally yes... Since it really got going in the 1930s, New Zealand philosophy has had … read more