Why study in Ireland?

Ireland is a country both old and new. It is home to the European offices of some of the world’s leading digital companies and yet its history and culture are present in everything it does. 

There are many iconic images connected to Ireland, but the country’s beauty and attitude really must be seen to be believed. 


Harsh cliffs, sprawling forests and elegant lakes; Ireland boasts some phenomenal natural environments. It’s easy to see why such rich folklore and fairy tales define the country.

The Giant’s Causeway is a bizarre formation of hexagonal columns of rock. 40,000 of these naturally created interlocking structures start tall and work their way down into the sea. Legend has it that a giant built it as a path to Scotland so that he could fight his enemy.

Digital Technology

Elected as a European base by major multinational companies, like Facebook, Google, Intel and Apple, Ireland has become something of a digital hotbed in recent years.

Not only does this make Ireland an exciting place to study, it also means there’s great career prospects for after graduation.

Literary Contribution

Ireland has produced some of the greatest literary minds the planet has ever seen. James Joyce’s opus, ‘Ulysses’, basically invented the literary avant-garde and is commonly regarded as one of the greatest works of fiction of all time.

Other Irish wordsmiths include Oscar Wilde, Bram Stoker, Laurence Sterne, Jonathan Swift, Seamus Heaney and Samuel Beckett. If you’re thinking of studying literature, there is probably nowhere finer.

Quality Education

According to Times Higher Education, Ireland is home to seven of the world’s top 500 universities. It has also produced seven Nobel laureates.

Degrees from Irish universities are recognised internationally and it is commonly regarded as a safe, friendly environment in which to study.

Cultural Identity

To study in Ireland is to experience a fantastic culture. They know how to live and they live for eachother. Music, community events and socialising are fundamental to their identity.

It is said that if there are more than two people in a room, that’s enough for a party.

Fast Facts

  • Population: 4.6 million
  • Currency: Euro (€)
  • Capital City: Dublin
  • Ireland has won Eurovision more times than any other country.
  • Celebrity exports: Bono, Daniel Day-Lewis, Bob Geldof