visas & working

EU citizens do not need to apply for a visa to study in Ireland. There are also a number of non-EU nationalities that do not need to apply for a visa to study. Information on those countries whose passport holders do not need a visa is available on the website of the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs.

It is important to apply for a visa well in advance, as the application form will take a minimum of eight weeks to process. You can check the decision on your visa online using the Visa Reference Number given to you when you apply.

Visa requirements are dependent on your nationality and whether your course is a 'degree' or 'non-degree' programme. Please note that the classification of programmes as 'degree' or 'non-degree' is used for immigration purposes only.

For more information on anything related to visas in Ireland, see the Irish Internationalisation website.


The majority of EEA/EU students have the same rights to work and take part in internships as Irish nationals. Guidelines for non-EEA/EU students are detailed below.

Permission to work is granted by the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Innovation.