travel & accommodation

Organising accommodation before you depart for Ireland is essential. Your institution may have pre-booked accommodation for you, or you might need to organise this yourself. 

Most institutions will ensure that they can offer accommodation for international students for at least their first year, but this isn't guaranteed.

When you are accepted on a course, you will likely be sent an accommodation pack and details of an accommodation office with staff that can help you find housing. Institutions strongly advise students to take advantage of this resource, as accommodation officers will have the information and contacts to help you find affordable and well-located student accommodation easily and quickly.

When researching your accommodation choices, you may wish to consider:

  • How close is it to the institution?
  • What public transport links are there?
  • How close is it to shops and services?
  • How big is your room?
  • How many people are sharing your bathroom/kitchen?
  • How much is the rent and bills?

Below are some of the main types of accommodation available to students:

For more information about accommodation in Ireland, visit Discover Ireland or the Irish Council for International Students.

Getting to your accommodationIt is a good idea to have onward travel to your accommodation or institution arranged before departing for Ireland. You are advised to carry the address and phone number of your accommodation in your hand luggage to make it easier to ask for directions or to get a taxi.

Most airports have taxis readily available outside the terminal or have an office that will book taxis. Taxis are normally the easiest and most direct way of getting from the airport, but can be more expensive than public transport. Ireland's public transport network is efficient and buses and trains depart from all main airports.

It is best to research the best mode of transport and book tickets before departing for Ireland. 

Ireland has four international and five regional airports. See below for information about travelling to and from the major airports.