9 Reasons to Study Abroad in Galway (or Spend a Weekend)


i-studentglobal spoke to This Is Galway about why it's a great place to study abroad. Here's what they have to say. We think you'll join us in packing your bags and looking up the next cheap flight on Skyscanner.

1. It’s got a huge international population, so you’ll never feel out of place.



Walking down Shop Street can feel like a quick international tour. You’ll hear every language from Portuguese to Chinese; you might see these traditional Mexican dancers on one corner, and then hear an Australian musician just down the street.

2. There is nowhere better in Ireland for a night out than Galway. 


Galway is small but mighty when it comes to nights out. Bars and clubs of every kind, all within a 15-minute walk of each other – and all at about half the price of big cities. And then there’s all the wonderful quirky weirdness of nights out in Galway – but we’ll let the bible of all things ridiculously Irish take it from here

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3. So. Much. Food.


If there were a prize for the most restaurants packed into a small space, Galway would win it. There are some seriously great options, from Thai takeaway to prosecco brunches and Michelin-star dining. But a rite of passage for everyone in Galway are late-night garlic and cheese chips, curry chips and taco fries. We wouldn’t necessarily recommend them all in one sitting, but go on. Walk out of any bar and follow your nose. And check out that spice box.

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