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Ireland International Student Living Costs Guide 2017

Living costs can vary depending on your lifestyle, location and accommodation. In general, you should be able to live on a budget of €10,000-15,000 each academic year (nine months), not including tuition fees, if you are studying at a university in Dublin. You should budget (for one academic year) for:

  • Accommodation: €3,600-8,100. Apart from tuition fees, accommodation will probably be your biggest expense. See our Accommodation page for more information
  • Textbooks and materials: €600-650. You can reduce the costs of textbooks by trying to find second-hand copies and looking online for the best deal. You will usually be given a list by your institution of necessary textbooks before starting your course. You will also be able to rent some books from the university library to save further.
  • Food and household: €1,500-2,500. Food costs can vary depending where you live and shop. You may spend around €70-100 a week on food (allowing for some meals bought at cheap restaurants)
  • Other expenses (such as travel, social life, healthcare): €1,200-3,500. Your socialising and travel expenses will vary greatly depending on your lifestyle choices. As a guide, the average bus fare in Ireland is €2.50, an average cinema ticket is €7-12 and an average nightclub entrance is €7-15.


Student room in Brookfield Village, Cork City Student Accommodation

University College Dublin suggests that you will need approximately €688 per month (excluding accommodation and tuition costs).

Please note that these are only approximate costs - individual students' own living expenses can vary greatly according to location, lifestyle and activities. Try our Cost Calculator for a more detailed breakdown of your expenses. Visit the National Consumer Agency for tips about money and budgeting in Ireland.

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