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6 Best Places to Study Abroad in Europe 2017

“6 Best Places to Study Abroad in Europe 2017”

There are a number of reasons that students choose to study abroad, whether that be over the summer, for a semester, year or even the full duration of a degree. From wanting to improve your language skills in a new country to experiencing a different climate and culture, there are lots of great… read more

9 Reasons to Study Abroad in Galway (or Spend a Weekend)

“9 Reasons to Study Abroad in Galway (or Spend a Weekend)”

i-studentglobal spoke to This Is Galway about why it's a great place to study abroad. Here's what they have to say. We think you'll join us in packing your bags and looking up the next cheap flight on Skyscanner. 1. It’s got a huge international population, so you’ll never feel out of place. … read more

Studying Politics in Ireland

“Studying Politics in Ireland”

Politics is the study of the dynamics of human interaction. It is a field of study that is both humanistic and scientific, and is centuries old. Aristotle called it the "queen of the sciences”. When studying politics, we are interested in a diverse and lengthy range of topics which includes t… read more


“5 Free things to do in Dublin”

If you’re a student visiting Dublin you probably won’t have an endless supply of Euros to spend.  Finding things to do on a budget is easier that you think; take your pick from these ideas. There should be something for everyone. Free Music In Dublin The Irish are known for their love of … read more

Scholarships to study in Ireland

“Scholarships to study in Ireland”

The Irish government has made lots of scholarships available to international students studying in Ireland. International education is a priority for the Irish government at the moment, which is why they've made a number of major scholarships available to students from China, India, Brazi… read more

Ireland: The future of English language study

“Ireland: The future of English language study”

In 2010, just over 98,000 students came to Ireland for the purposes of studying English. The number was a modest increase (3%) on the previous year, but nonetheless a welcome piece of news in times of domestic and international economic uncertainty. So far this year, figures for Ireland indica… read more

Universities that can change the world

“Universities that can change the world”

A number of institutions have extended their mission statement beyond teaching or training and are now looking at having a positive impact on the planet and the communities we inhabit. Started in 1996, the Albukhary International University (AIU) calls itself a 'Humaniversity'. Its students, who r… read more

Developing for tablet computers

“Developing for tablet computers”

The growth of tablets means that developers require an enhanced skill set; skills to help you stand out. The tablet’s touchscreen functionality has become so culturally ingrained that I regularly see my two year old cousin, Adrian, touching every screen he sees - even televisions. The Apple iPho… read more

Writing a personal essay

“Writing a personal essay”

Remember, when you're writing a personal statement, that you aren't just writing a simple list of past and present successes. Your personal statement should reflect who you are, what you want to accomplish, and what your plans and dreams for the future are. Your writing should tell university … read more

A day in the life of a wind analyst

“A day in the life of a wind analyst”

Graduate scientists in Ireland have a wealth of career possibilities after their studies. Paul Hughes, a wind analyst, describes a typical day’s work. "Each morning I arrive in the Airtricity office, greet my colleagues and switch on my indispensable laptop. First task of the day is an important … read more