5 Top Reasons to Study Abroad in Canada

Natural beauty

From the Atlantic to the Pacific, the second largest country in the world is blessed with truly breathtaking scenery, much of which is endowed with UNESCO World Heritage status. From the rugged beauty of the Niagara Falls to the glacial splendour of Jasper National Park, Canada is the playground of choice for the lover of the great outdoors.

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Stunning views from Canada

Multicultural identity

Many countries claim to be multicultural but Canada has multiculturalism in its DNA. A bilingual country with French and English as official languages, its study abroad destinations (typically near the US border), feature a rich tapestry of nationalities and cultures. Toronto’s summer music festival scene says it beautifully.

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Canada welcoming immigrants

Globally-recognised education

Canada boasts 11 universities in the Top 250 QS World University Rankings, the highest tertiary enrolment in the world and a global reputation as a provider of quality education. Canada’s provinces have jurisdiction over education which makes for a varied degree programme structure, all of which are widely internationally recognised.

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Library in Surrey, British Columbia

High quality of life

Since 1994 UN data has consistently ranked Canada among the top ten places to live in the world. In a poll of nearly 6000 millenials living in the Americas, Asia, Europe and the Middle East in 2016, Canada was voted the second best place to live, losing out to Australia which took the top spot. A good healthcare system, a declining violent crime rate and an advanced cultural scene tick important study-abroad boxes, making Canada a consistently popular study-abroad destination.


Top source countries for Canada's international students

Unique cultural output

Canada is in a class of its own on the contemporary international music scene. Whereas most of the world has a very clear idea of what is pop and what is rock, Canadian artists are known for their incredibly intelligent approach to pop music which draws influence from all genres.


Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

Fast facts


Canadian Flag, unofficially known as the Maple Leaf