Education makes a world of difference


As a high school student in Iran, Negar Abedi dreamed of going to university in Canada. She didn’t know what she would study, but Canada’s reputation for welcoming newcomers made her think this was the best place to figure it out.

“In Iran, women are not regarded as separate entities from their husband or fathers,” says the 23-year-old. “At my age, women are either married or getting their master’s degrees. I didn’t fit into either of those categories so living there was challenging for me.”

negar photo

Now into her second year in the Bachelor of Business Administration–Business and Sustainability program from Royal Roads University, Abedi has excelled inside and outside the classroom, catching the attention of both faculty and community organizations.

“I heard about her long before I ever met her because her reputation was starting to develop in year one,” says Todd Thexton, assistant professor and director in the School of Business. Thexton first met Abedi at a BBA information session. At the time, she was wavering between studying business or tourism.

“I knew we needed to have this young woman in our program because she’s exactly the student we’re looking for,” Thexton says. “We’re looking for students who want to change the world, students who think about their education as a vehicle toward accomplishing great things in the world, students who use their degree as a stepping stone, not an end product.”

Since arriving in Canada, Abedi has taken advantage of every possible opportunity.