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“Explore Canada for FREE in 2017”

2017 marks the 150th anniversary of the Confederation of Canada. As a special treat to anybody visiting Canada in 2017, you can now apply for a FREE 2017 Discovery Pass which grants holders unlimited free entry to Canada's National Parks, Historic Sites and Marine Conservation Areas for the whole of… read more

Latest International Student News From Canada

“Latest International Student News From Canada”

2016 has been an interesting year for international student recruitment in Canada. With significant global events, namely the UK's departure from the European Union and the recent US Presidential Election result, the future is looking promising for Canadian higher education institutions, with many p… read more

Why Canada?

“Why Canada?”

5 Top Reasons to Study Abroad in Canada Natural beauty From the Atlantic to the Pacific, the second largest country in the world is blessed with truly breathtaking scenery, much of which is endowed with UNESCO World Heritage status. From the rugged beauty of the Niagara Falls to the glacial splend… read more


“Understanding Canadian Education”

Canada is a country comprised of stunning nature, a multi-ethnic culture, and world-renowned education. Although it has many great facets, the education system can be considered confusing to those who are international or studying out-of-province. We're going to take a look at the Canadian higher ed… read more

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“Why Study in Canada?”

Canada is considered one of the best places to study due to its renowned education system, nature, and culture. The North American country has many elements to offer international students who consider making it another home. WHY CANADA? There are endless reasons to study in Canada. Firstly, the… read more

Studying Human Nutrition in Canada

“Studying Human Nutrition in Canada”

Throughout the world, a number of nutrition-related health concerns exist, such as ageing populations, obesity rates, and nutritional deficiencies. The social and economic burden of these issues is increasing public awareness of the connection between food and health and is creating a greater demand… read more

The benefits of the 2+2 route

“The benefits of the 2+2 route”

More and more international students are choosing the 2+2 route through higher education; two years in a college followed by two years in a university. This route can have a number of benefits and might actually provide you with a smoother journey to graduation. What is the 2+2 route? The 2+2 rou… read more

Interview with an English language student

“Interview with an English language student”

Yiran Mu is a Chinese international student recently graduated from Trent University   Yiran started her academic career at Trent in the Trent-ESL: English for University programme. Our interview with Yiran was a great reflection opportunity; there was much laughter to be shared in reli… read more

Canada: Your language destination

“Canada: Your language destination”

Language and Canada are synonymous. Canada is a unique language study destination that offers students the opportunity to study both of Canada’s official languages - English and French. While the majority of language programmes in Canada offer English as a Second Language training, there are few … read more

An interview with a pharmacist

“An interview with a pharmacist”

I have wanted to be a pharmacist since grade 11 and even on the busy days I know I still made the right choice. I think it is a profession that I fit well in and I love what I do. My name is Robin McGuire and I am a pharmacy graduate from the University of Toronto, Ontario. I am currently a staff p… read more

Business and commerce education in Canada

“Business and commerce education in Canada”

Management, business and commerce education is a popular area of study in Canada, which offers a wide choice of programmes. Over the past 30 years, management education has been among the fastest growing of all the disciplines in higher education in Canada. Almost 20% of all the university students… read more

Digging humans: literally and figuratively

“Digging humans: literally and figuratively”

Studying anthropology in Canada will equip you with a wide range of skills and bright prospects for your future career. Anthropology in Canada combines the European (British and French) tradition, along with the American emphasis of a four-field approach to the study of human past and present. Incl… read more

Moving for life: physiotherapy in Canada

“Moving for life: physiotherapy in Canada”

Find out how to pursue a physiotherapy career in Canada. ‘Keeping British Columbians moving for life’ is the motto that the Physiotherapy Association of British Columbia has taken, and the Association’s membership of over 2,000 British Columbian physiotherapists all work diligently to do just… read more

Collective memory and the benefits of studying history

“Collective memory and the benefits of studying history”

History can give you versatile skills for both life and work, whilst teaching you how to maintain society’s ‘collective memory’. Aristotle is supposed to have once said that to understand anything, we must “observe its beginnings and its developments”. History is more than a series of dat… read more

Veterinary studies in Canada

“Veterinary studies in Canada”

Thinking of becoming a veterinarian in Canada? The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association offers practical advice on applying to veterinary courses. Preparing for veterinary studiesStudents who are interested in becoming a veterinarian should select courses in science at the high school level and … read more

Catering to the demands of curious travellers

“Catering to the demands of curious travellers”

This article explores the importance of food to people who travel, focusing on how the city of Toronto has stepped up to meet this need and the opportunities this has created for students looking to study hospitality in Canada. When we think back to our childhood’s, for many it is clear that some… read more

Study and practice psychology in Canada

“Study and practice psychology in Canada”

A guide to the opportunities presented by a psychology degree from the Canadian Psychological Association. The study of psychologyPsychology courses and majors are among the most popular undergraduate courses and are available at all Canadian universities. If you want some career direction or advic… read more

Becoming a geologist in the United States

“Becoming a geologist in the United States”

Opportunities for geologists are increasing and the USA offers a great environment to learn. Interested in a career where there are more jobs than applicants, where the future demand will increase as the supply of qualified applicants is decreasing? Want to help solve the environmental problems man… read more

Philosophy in Canada

“Philosophy in Canada”

Professor Bryson Brown explores how Canada’s colonial heritage and modern-day immigrants have influenced the nation’s study of philosophy, as well as the range of courses on offer. Canadian philosophical researchers are active in every field and form of philosophical inquiry. Subjects including… read more

Pre-law course selection in the United States

“Pre-law course selection in the United States”

Knowing which courses to take to pursue a career in law can be tricky, but making the right choices now could give you an advantage when it comes to being accepted into the best law schools. When considering the study of law, it can be difficult to determine the types of courses that will best prep… read more

Becoming an engineer in Canada

“Becoming an engineer in Canada”

Learn how to become a professional engineer in the Canadian province of Ontario. In Canada, the P.Eng. designation represents the highest standards of engineering knowledge, experience and professionalism in the country. It tells employers that you’re committed to engineering excellence; that you… read more

US health care opportunities

“US health care opportunities”

One of the fastest growing industries in the USA, healthcare provides many varied employment opportunities. Here, the Nebraska Hospital Association gives us a specific insight into the array of healthcare careers available in just one state. Healthcare is among the fastest growing industries in the… read more

Chemistry in Canada: Now and in the future

“Chemistry in Canada: Now and in the future”

Canada is a multicultural nation with a high-quality education system and a focus on encouraging more students to study chemistry. Canada is a geographically large country with a stable political system, strong economy, a well-respected social and international standing, beautiful scenery, and a st… read more

Is a music teaching career for you?

“Is a music teaching career for you?”

Teaching is a richly rewarding profession, and music is a powerful medium of expression. If you have musical talent and ability, then teaching music is a logical career choice for you. You may want to decide on music teaching as your career if: you have been attracted to and involved in making m… read more

Become a nurse. Better yet, become a Canadian nurse

“Become a nurse. Better yet, become a Canadian nurse”

The Canadian Nursing Students’ Association shines a spotlight on nursing education in Canada. It is true that everyone, at some point in their lives, will require the services of a nurse. As a vital part of the healthcare system, nurses care for people when they are at their most vulnerable and e… read more

A great time to study in Canada

“A great time to study in Canada”

David Lauer, from the Tourism Industry Association of Canada, discusses Canada’s fast growing reputation as a provider of world class hospitality and tourism education. Recognised as one of the world’s premier travel destinations, Canada is well-known for providing visitors with a wide range of… read more

Classics programmes in Canada

“Classics programmes in Canada”

Many of Canada’s universities offer distinctive classics programmes. Alison Keith outlines the wealth of topics available to students. The Classical Association of Canada promotes the study of the languages, literatures, history, archaeology, philosophy and civilisation of the ancient Greco-Roman… read more

Which skills do you need to study an undergraduate degree in economics?

“Which skills do you need to study an undergraduate degree in economics?”

The American Economic Association discusses what exactly economics is, how it affects society and the skills needed by students to successfully complete an undergraduate economics degree.  Economics is the study of how people choose to use resources. Resources include the time and talent peopl… read more

Hollywood north: the film industry in Canada

“Hollywood north: the film industry in Canada”

Pretty in pictures and surrounded by talented crews, Lori McNulty explains why motion pictures are one of Canada’s fastest growing industries. If you live in Vancouver, British Columbia, the film industry is always on your lips. Either you brag about being an extra standing not three feet from Ge… read more

Introducing the profession of chartered accountancy

“Introducing the profession of chartered accountancy”

Deciding to become a chartered accountant (CA) in Canada means you have chosen the role of a trusted professional, known for technical excellence, integrity, objectivity and a commitment to the public interest. Here's what you need to become a CA student in Canada: EducationYou must have completed… read more

Studying glass art in Canada: a class act

“Studying glass art in Canada: a class act”

Explore the opportunities to study glass art in canada From the growing variety and multitude of talented people in the Canadian glass scene, you’d think Canada has a glass school in every major city, churning out master glass craftspeople with factory efficiency. Not so. Canada has only three sc… read more