Fees & Costs


Travel, Food & Bills

Here are some average costs (in AUS$) of everyday goods to give you an idea of how much your living expenses might be:


Travel costs will depend how, and how much, you travel, but on average you can spend around $109-$141 per month if using public transport. Many regions of Australia do offer a student concession rate for either a fixed cost or a percentage reduction, typically 50% off. You can see a full list of transport concessions for international students on studyinaustralia.gov.au. Bicycles are also a popular option for international students as a lot of the country's popular student cities are very bicycle friendly. You might want to look into hiring a bike or buying one for your time there and selling it when you head back to your home country. 

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Bicycles in Melbourne

Food and household

An average food and household bill per week should be between $80-150, depending on your tastes. Here are the costs of some basic food & drink items:

  • A small loaf of bread - $1.50-2
  • Milk (2 litres) - $2-3
  • Coca-Cola (2 litres) $3-3.50
  • 12 Large Eggs - $5-6
  • Local cheese (500g)- $7-11
  • Chicken breast (500g) - $5-6
  • A takeaway meal (McDonalds Big Mac Meal)- $10-11

Check the exchange rate for your currency to Australian Dollars with the currency converter on xe.com for the latest figures. 

Social activities

Going out in the evenings will add to your cost of living. All universities will offer a wide range of activities for their students, from sports to societies, with regular social events taking place, so there will be plenty of opportunities to get involved in activities without having to venture too far into the city. Of course, it is nice to have a good meal in town or see the latest film from time to time too - just don't forget to take in the sights of the city at night on the way!


Darling Harbour, Sydney

  • Meal at a mid-priced restaurant - around $30-55
  • A cinema ticket - $18-20
  • A pint of beer in a pub - $7
  • Cappuccino - $4-5

Other Bills

  • Electricity and gas bills, depending on usage, can start from around $35 per week combined. Certain types of accommodation may not require gas, and some university accommodation will have bills included in the price - be sure to check so that you don't get a nasty surprise.
  • All international students must have Overseas Student Health Cover which costs around $8-15 per week. This can be purchased through your university or privately.
  • Broadband internet typically costs around $12.50 per week. You can keep costs down by using public wifi if you do not need regular internet access in the evenings. Some student accommodation may include internet costs - again please check before you arrive.

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