Arriving in Australia


Once you have applied to study in Australia and your visa has been approved, there is one vital thing left to do: get there! Australia has a total for 43 universities located across the country (see the full list), with most of the popular student cities located along the east and south-east coast of Australia - Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne & Adelaide - with the exception of Perth, which is located on the south-west coast of Australia.

There are a large number of airports in Australia, both international and domestic. Your new university will be able to advise you which is the best airport to fly to when you are arriving in Australia - there should be information on their website, but if you can't find it just ask somebody in the admissions department, who will be happy to help you with your query. A number of universities will offer a free airport pick-up service for international students, which can be very helpful when coming off a long international flight into a new country that you may not have visited before. Again be sure to check this before you arrive, otherwise you may be waiting for a long time!


Sunset at Adelaide Airport

Here is our brief guide to arriving in Australia at the top five major international cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth & Adelaide, as well as information about public transport in the cities, our travel safety tips and some other helpful links. 

For each of the cities, at the bottom of each page we've also included a vlog (video blog) showing some of the great things for students to do in Australia. Even if you are studying in Brisbane, Sydney is just a 1 hour 35-minute flight away, or around a 10-hour drive if you want to take in the stunning views of the Gold Coast along the way, so it's worth finding out what each major student city in Australia has to offer, particularly if you are only studying abroad in Australia for one semester or one year. So join us in discovering the best ways to travel and the best things to do in Australia! 

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