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Studying in Australia: What is the timeline?
“Studying in Australia: What is the timeline?”

Every year, thousands of international students flock to one of Australia’s 39. According to the latest available figures, only the USA and Britain attract more students than Oz.  If you’re wondering how to get in on this action, you’re in the right place to find out. Below is a&nbs… read more

Global Destination Australia - Studying Biomedical Science
“Global Destination Australia - Studying Biomedical Science”

Australia is an ideal country in which international students can study Biomedical Science.  It provides a safe and stable environment combined with the opportunity to visit and learn in a beautiful country with unique scenery, flora and fauna.  Australian research in the area of Medicine … read more

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The people problem
Josh (USQ) - “The people problem”

No topic, no topic, no topic. How do you find something to write about when nothing is given to you? Well, in this case it was easy. I am sitting in The Hub and a short look around the room quickly reveals something that shines about this University. It is something that can only be found in a small… read more

My experience in Oz
Santiago Salinas - “My experience in Oz”

It is great to be back talking about my experience in Oz, specifically about how much I love the city of Adelaide. It might not sound good to some of you, but I got to cook myself Kangaroo steak! People gave me seasoning tips and advised me not to overcook it, so it was quite good. I bought it at A… read more