“Chemistry in Australia – A Scientific Powerhouse”

Chemistry is fundamental to life itself. Whether it's the quality of the air we breathe, the water we drink, the energy we use or the food we consume, chemistry is essential when it comes to meeting our basic needs. In Australia, and particularly at Monash University, the best minds in academic… read more

Clinical Psychology in Australia

“Clinical Psychology in Australia”

Why Study Clinical Psychology At University and Where Can It Lead You? Clinical Psychology is a very popular topic in Australian Universities, and many undergraduates start Psychology degrees thinking that they would like to become clinical psychologists. Of course, a Psychology degree from an Aust… read more

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My experience in Oz

Santiago Salinas - “My experience in Oz”

It is great to be back talking about my experience in Oz, specifically about how much I love the city of Adelaide. It might not sound good to some of you, but I got to cook myself Kangaroo steak! People gave me seasoning tips and advised me not to overcook it, so it was quite good. I bought it at A… read more

Ciao ciao Australia!

Anna Chiappini - “Ciao ciao Australia!”

Hey all, 5 days until my departure… and it feels so weird. I thought that nothing changed since when I left Italy, the 1st of January 2012, but looking back everything is different! I met new friends, went to one Aussie wedding and saw two of my friends becoming beautiful moms. I got to know a d… read more

Can you work while studying?

Anna Chiappini - “Can you work while studying?”

Hi everyone, My friend Zie, has been one of the first students I've met at Flinders University. We have often advised each other on academic topics, therefore during her last semester she suggested me to undertake a placement experience at Flinders International Office. I decided to apply for it im… read more

Graduation and saying goodbye

Anna Chiappini - “Graduation and saying goodbye”

Hi everyone, I'll give you some numbers!  18 months spent in Australia 26 days before I travel back home +∞ the number of friends I will miss In the last two months I have been very busy with assignments, casual-job and preparation for my homecoming - such as giving away all the stu… read more

My favourite things about South Australia

Santiago Salinas - “My favourite things about South Australia”

Hi everyone, I'm Santiago from Ecuador. It is a privilege to share some of my experiences in Adelaide, Australia. I'm studying a Master's degree in Tourism at Flinders University. First of all, my first impressions about Aussieland (Australia). I was expecting to be welcomed with the 'g'day mate' e… read more

3 decades and counting

Erin Cabanawan - “3 decades and counting”

Somehow, I always celebrate my decades outside of my hometown. When I was 10, I was spending my summer break in another province in Central Luzon, Philippines. When I was 20, I was in a summer camp in the mountains of Cebu in Visayas, Philippines. Recently, I turned the big 3-0, and I happened to be… read more

Tall poppy syndrome

Erin Cabanawan - “Tall poppy syndrome”

Being a Gender and Development student acquainted me with the current issues Australia is dealing with in terms of politics and international relations. Often, we encounter essays which critique different aspects of Australian culture and society. I appreciate the way Australian academics and studen… read more

Music and arts in Adelaide

Erin Cabanawan - “Music and arts in Adelaide”

When I watched the film Once (2007, John Carney), I remember being so touched and inspired by the story of two talented musicians meeting eachother in the streets of Dublin. I was even more amazed when I learned that the story reflects real life. The film's stars, Irish musician Glen Hansard and Cze… read more

How to survive culture shock

Anna Chiappini - “How to survive culture shock”

Hello everyone! As I told you before, my impact with multiculturalism in Adelaide was quite tough!  I already lived abroad and I have a heap of international friends, but the quantity of people that I met during the first two weeks of University at Flinders, from so many cultures, totally con… read more

My life on campus

Tomoko Nagata - “My life on campus”

Hi everyone. I am a third year nursing student: Tomoko.  I have been working as a nurse for 6 years back in Japan, but I always wanted to study abroad and expand my horizon, so I chose Flinders University to get back to the wonderful student life!  I found Flinders University location ex… read more