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Clinical Psychology in Australia

“Clinical Psychology in Australia”

Why Study Clinical Psychology At University and Where Can It Lead You? Clinical Psychology is a very popular topic in Australian Universities, and many undergraduates start Psychology degrees thinking that they would like to become clinical psychologists. Of course, a Psychology degree from an Aust… read more

Why Study Psychology in Australia?

“Why Study Psychology in Australia?”

There are a number of good reasons to study Psychology in Australia. The first is that there is a uniformly high standard of research being done across most departments of Psychology in Australia. In the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) rankings, 22 of the 27 assessed departments had resea… read more

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My experience in Oz

Santiago Salinas - “My experience in Oz”

It is great to be back talking about my experience in Oz, specifically about how much I love the city of Adelaide. It might not sound good to some of you, but I got to cook myself Kangaroo steak! People gave me seasoning tips and advised me not to overcook it, so it was quite good. I bought it at A… read more

Ciao ciao Australia!

Anna Chiappini - “Ciao ciao Australia!”

Hey all, 5 days until my departure… and it feels so weird. I thought that nothing changed since when I left Italy, the 1st of January 2012, but looking back everything is different! I met new friends, went to one Aussie wedding and saw two of my friends becoming beautiful moms. I got to know a d… read more

Can you work while studying?

Anna Chiappini - “Can you work while studying?”

Hi everyone, My friend Zie, has been one of the first students I've met at Flinders University. We have often advised each other on academic topics, therefore during her last semester she suggested me to undertake a placement experience at Flinders International Office. I decided to apply for it im… read more

Graduation and saying goodbye

Anna Chiappini - “Graduation and saying goodbye”

Hi everyone, I'll give you some numbers!  18 months spent in Australia 26 days before I travel back home +∞ the number of friends I will miss In the last two months I have been very busy with assignments, casual-job and preparation for my homecoming - such as giving away all the stu… read more