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Australian Study & Careers In Medicine

“Australian Study & Careers In Medicine”

The Australian Medical Students Association (AMSA) shares their advice when it comes to choosing a medical school and future career. Congratulations on considering a career in medicine! It is certainly a career path full of excitement that will offer endless opportunities for you, not just in Aust… read more

Arriving in Australia

“Arriving in Australia”

Once you have applied to study in Australia and your visa has been approved, there is one vital thing left to do: get there! Australia has a total for 43 universities located across the country (see the full list), with most of the popular student cities located along the east and south-east co… read more

Why Do Students From India Study in Australia?

“Why Do Students From India Study in Australia?”

Australia, "the Great Southern Land” has long attracted newcomers to its shores, curious about its famously laidback culture, amazing scenery, beaches and unique wildlife. Read more about why international students choose to study in Australia and view some of our Indian student testimonials below… read more

The Study of Philosophy in Australia

“The Study of Philosophy in Australia”

Australian philosophy programmes are well-respected globally. Mark Colyvan and Alan Hájek detail the structure of these programmes and how international students can apply. Australian philosophy has had a distinguished history. A number of antipodean philosophers - among them J.J.C. Smart, David A… read more


“Why Study Sport in Australia?”

In April 2018, Australia will welcome the world for the 21st Commonwealth Games. It will be the fifth time Australia has hosted the games and the second time they have been held in the northern state of Queensland. It also builds on Australia’s sports-centred culture which boasts over 120 national… read more

Mathematics in Australia - It all adds up

“Mathematics in Australia - It all adds up”

Georgina Sweet Australian Laureate Fellow, Nalini Joshi, discusses the opportunities for maths enthusiasts in Australia. Australia is a unique place to study mathematics. Three elements combine to make it unique: its high-quality undergraduate degrees, the research intensity of our lecturers and th… read more


“Chemistry in Australia – A Scientific Powerhouse”

Chemistry is fundamental to life itself. Whether it's the quality of the air we breathe, the water we drink, the energy we use or the food we consume, chemistry is essential when it comes to meeting our basic needs. In Australia, and particularly at Monash University, the best minds in academic… read more

Clinical Psychology in Australia

“Clinical Psychology in Australia”

Why Study Clinical Psychology At University and Where Can It Lead You? Clinical Psychology is a very popular topic in Australian Universities, and many undergraduates start Psychology degrees thinking that they would like to become clinical psychologists. Of course, a Psychology degree from an Aust… read more

Why Study Psychology in Australia?

“Why Study Psychology in Australia?”

There are a number of good reasons to study Psychology in Australia. The first is that there is a uniformly high standard of research being done across most departments of Psychology in Australia. In the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) rankings, 22 of the 27 assessed departments had resea… read more

Amazing Examples of Modern Architecture in Australia

“Amazing Examples of Modern Architecture in Australia”

Modern Australian architecture reflects innovative ideas regarding the use of old materials, new materials, new spaces, and new functionalities. The buildings are no longer made of concrete and stone. People seek transparency and lightness, so steel and glass come to the scene. In terms of functiona… read more

MIRAC: Gastronomy and  Incoming Tourism

“MIRAC: Gastronomy and Incoming Tourism”

The Wadden Sea - stretching from the Northern Netherlands to Germany and Denmark - was awarded UNESCO World Heritage status in 2009.  Despite its natural beauty, the region is unknown to international visitors.  The opening of a new landing strip at the regional airport in 2012 resulted in… read more

Empowering Youth to be the  Best in the Industry

“Empowering Youth to be the Best in the Industry”

Taylor's University School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts (TCHT) strives to deliver the best education experience to its students.  Its Dean, Mr Neethiahnanthan Ari Ragavan said that as educators, the School constantly asks themselves how they can provide the best for our students an… read more

An iPad Educational Revolution

“An iPad Educational Revolution”

The Swiss Education Group, Switzerland’s leading network of hospitality management training schools, continues in its goal to revolutionise and modernise hospitality education.  This ambitious project was first launched in April 2014 when 420 staff and students at Hotel Institute Montreux, we… read more

Carving out a Niche in the Restaurant Industry

“Carving out a Niche in the Restaurant Industry”

SBS World News reported recently that there is a shortage of chefs in Australia - and that ‘chef’ has been added to the Skilled Occupation List.  The problem doesn’t seem to be attracting staff in Australia, but keeping staff due to low wages and high turnover. However for entrepreneurs … read more

Project Closure - the European INTERREG CultTour Project

“Project Closure - the European INTERREG CultTour Project”

After 3 ½ years, the IMC University of Applied Sciences in Krems has successfully completed the European INTERREG CultTour Project (“the Project”).   The Project involved international dimensions whereby the Tourism and Leisure Management Institute of IMC Krems worked together with partne… read more

Studying Nursing and Midwifery in Australia

“Studying Nursing and Midwifery in Australia”

Australia has one of the most affordable, accessible and comprehensive healthcare systems in the world with a significant projected growth in the health care workforce. This makes it an attractive country in which to study nursing or midwifery. “Study Nursing or Midwifery.” Courses are offer… read more

Studying in Australia: What is the Timeline?

“Studying in Australia: What is the Timeline?”

Every year, thousands of international students flock to one of Australia’s 39. According to the latest available figures, only the USA and Britain attract more students than Oz.  If you’re wondering how to get in on this action, you’re in the right place to find out. Below is a&nbs… read more

Global Destination Australia - Studying Biomedical Science

“Global Destination Australia - Studying Biomedical Science”

Australia is an ideal country in which international students can study Biomedical Science.  It provides a safe and stable environment combined with the opportunity to visit and learn in a beautiful country with unique scenery, flora and fauna.  Australian research in the area of Medicine … read more

Studying Mining Engineering in Australia

“Studying Mining Engineering in Australia”

Why study Mining Engineering in Australia? In short, because you would be studying in one of the world’s leading mining nations with significant opportunities for work placements in almost all types of mining by companies ranging from small to medium to the world’s largest. Your degree would als… read more

5 Reasons You’re Ready to Study in Australia - Take a Leap out of Your Comfort Zone

“5 Reasons You’re Ready to Study in Australia - Take a Leap out of Your Comfort Zone”

So, you’re thinking of studying overseas but are not sure if you’re ready to take the plunge? It can be exactly like skydiving and taking that first step out of the plane at 3500 feet. Do you think that the first person to jump wasn’t afraid of what could go wrong? Of course they were and you … read more