The Tech Revolution

How a College Education can help you be Innovative in the Future

One of the most beloved video games of all time is the Civilization series. The developers of those games were required to present all of human history and knowledge in a format that would not only be fun to play as a game, but also be accurate to history and what we know about the development of human progress.

To say such a task would have been impossible without an advanced education is only stating the obvious. The Civilization series highlights the central role played by higher education in many important accomplishments in the industry. Leaving aside the technologies themselves, simply knowing what has succeeded in the past is often key to establishing success in the future.


Between literature, music, science and engineering, there are so many associations and parallels it is difficult to keep track of them all. What serves one often serves one or more of the other three in a metaphorical or equal measure. This is one of the most important benefits of higher education. Learning about one subject can very often unlock insights into what might seem to be a totally unrelated subject. This kind of cross-discipline study occasionally gives rise to breakthroughs that would otherwise remain hidden.

The Tech Revolution How a College Education can Help you be Innovative in the Future 2

Long-Term Thinking

Advanced education is an investment in future learning. It has been said that the four-year degree is an education in how to learn, and there are many reasons to believe that is the case. When someone is motivated to learn and is also motivated to advance their career, it can be a very powerful combination of skills and knowledge. What often results is what most people claim is the ultimate reward: innovation.

This isn't to say colleges and universities have become innovation vending machines. Breakthroughs are rarely planned. But at the same time, the likelihood of a breakthrough increases when education meets opportunity, and quality increases when innovation meets commerce.

Applied Education

A student that sets a goal of earning a master’s degree in electrical engineering online might believe their education will focus squarely on designing circuitry and advancing an understanding of computers, transistors and power management. What they will often discover is the majority of the education they receive will teach them how electrical engineering is related to many other subjects and how those subjects can help teach the new engineer how to be better at what they do. This is the key benefit of a well-rounded education. It's effects can be recorded in mankind's scientific advancement over the last 400 years.

The Tech Revolution How a College Education can Help you be Innovative in the Future

The purpose of an education is not innovation per se. It is more important individuals learn how to learn so they can recognize innovation when they see it. 

Article submitted by Lizzy Weakley, a freelance writer based in Colombo, OH.


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