Physics: the heart of matter. This degree studies nature, and the dynamics relevant to space and time.


Generally, to be accepted into a physics degree, previous experience in mathematics and physics courses are essential.


If you have a passion for discovering how things work you could go on to a distinguished career in aeronautics, applied engineering, astronomy, geophysics, neurophysics, nuclear physics or vacuum sciences.

Latest Physics Features

Studying Science in Sweden

“Studying Science in Sweden”

Studying a master’s science programme in Sweden is a way to get the best out of many aspects of life.  If you are looking for a high quality education in science, based on internationally recognised research, in an environment that offers new and exciting experiences in life, then come to Sw… read more

Phil Linscott - Letter to my 18 year old self

“Phil Linscott - Letter to my 18 year old self”

Philip Linscott, British Airways captain writes a letter to his younger self containing life advice and guidance on how to go about becoming an air pilot.   Dear Linny, You’ve got a hell of a lot going on at the moment and I know you’re feeling a mixture of nerves and excitement. You don… read more

A day in the life of a wind analyst

“A day in the life of a wind analyst”

Graduate scientists in Ireland have a wealth of career possibilities after their studies. Paul Hughes, a wind analyst, describes a typical day’s work. "Each morning I arrive in the Airtricity office, greet my colleagues and switch on my indispensable laptop. First task of the day is an important … read more

New Jersey: where the action is

“New Jersey: where the action is”

When choosing where to study a science programme it is important to consider the scientific advances that have come out of that area. This article explores New Jersey’s reputation for scientific excellence. A low-cost, high efficiency battery for hybrid electric cars (Lightening Energy Inc. of … read more

Studying nanotechnology in Australia

“Studying nanotechnology in Australia”

Studying nanotechnology leads to a variety of careers. This article explains what studying nanotechnology involves and explores the huge opportunities for nanotechnologists in Australia. Nanotechnology - the study of materials less than a micrometre in size - lies at the boundaries between the fund… read more