IT degrees for tech wunderkinds


Engineering or Computer Science?

This field is always a strong contender for those seeking advancement in the sciences. New technologies and developments make the niches sparkle with possibility. Chemical, mechanical and electrical engineering online classes are available through many universities. Some even offer certificate programs to advance a degree you've already earned. 

Decades ago, this may have been a laughable career choice. Now, though, the general population goes into a meltdown when their devices misbehave. Degrees in this field range from associates to doctorates and involve writing code, building microchips and learning the skills to set up huge servers and networks for businesses and government. 

Are you thinking of Information Security?

With every new firewall, comes a new hacker or virus to get around it. Information security is a must for schools, healthcare, business and government. A master's degree in this field has incredible potential for growth in the future. 

Aerospace Technology, possibly?

You don't have to go to the moon to benefit from a degree in Aerospace Technology. An undergraduate or doctoral aeronautical degree allows you to design passenger aircraft, structural design for all forms of transportation and even crash site investigations. Working with this kind of technology can help you bring new light to flight and space travel.


These are just a few ideas of techie degrees you can pursue to land your dream career in technology, but there are many others out there to choose from. From robotics to physics, to engineering, or computer science, all have an impact on modern technology, the modern world, and even our lives. And they will continue to do so for many years to come. Or, who knows, maybe your tech profession will be a brand-new one, the first of its kind.


Special thanks to Lizzie Weakley for providing us with this article. Lizzie is a freelance writer based in Colombo, OH.