IT degrees for tech wunderkinds


Oh yes, we are living in a technological age. Today, more than ever. Tomorrow - even more. Jobs change according to what technology dictates. Careers get more ramifications depending on new inventions. Some become easier, others - obsolete, and new professions come into being. So how do we adapt to the changing tide of modern technology and the changes it brings?

Many universities are clamouring for your time and money when it comes to technological degrees. And the big question is... which one to choose? Have a look at these options for your future education and career advancement in all things IT, if you haven't made a decision yet.

Robotics, maybe?

One of the many changes in technology and perhaps even the future of technology is robotics. From automated manufacturing lines to healthcare, a robotics degree holds huge potential. Whether you choose a degree path that includes engineering new robotic devices or one to help maintain, troubleshoot and program existing ones, this field is here to stay. There is so much potential in this field because it is still changing, growing, and improving. A few years ago, we could only imagine smartphones or SIRI. They were all just film scripts.

Now we have robotic technology in our smartphones that obey our commands whether it's to perform certain functions and give information. All is managed with our fingertips. There doesn’t seem to be any signs of robotics slowing down anytime soon. At some point, we may even have robotic fast food lines worldwide or our own personal robots at home. It truly is a great field of study and a great field to be any if you are looking for a techie career.


How about... Health Informatics?

This unique niche field pairs patient problems with current useful statistics and the newest developments in technology to treat and cure disease. If you like working with people equally as much as tech, this may be a good option for you. It's a neat field not just because you get to work with the newest and coolest tech in medicine, but you get to work with people who get to try out these new developments. In other words, you get to be the middle-man between the technological world and the real world. The great messenger.


A degree in the physics field will give you the keys to many different markets. Individuals in this field are constantly curious about the world around them and love to solve problems. You can work with micro-lasers to help treat breast cancer, develop standards of weaponry for the government, or lend your expertise to a class of upcoming students.

There is no limit in this field as it allows you to work with all areas of tech and science. If you decide to take your physics degree and go into a career in research, not only can you improve upon current technology, you have the potential to invent new technology and be on the forefront of change. All it takes is an idea and the ability to bring it to life.